Evanescence's Amy Lee on Being a Rock Star and Mom: 'I Always Thought It Was One or the Other'

The rocker has been on the road promoting the band's latest release, Synthesis

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Amy Lee is enjoying her work-life synthesis of music and motherhood.

This summer, the Evanescence rocker has been on the road promoting the band’s latest release, Synthesis, on which the act revamped their hits with orchestral and EDM twists.

And the co-headlining tour with Lindsey Stirling has been a family affair for Lee, whose husband, Josh Hartzler, and their 4-year-old son, Jack, have joined her on the road.

“I feel really grateful that I’m able to do both and not have to stop making music and being who I am to be a mom,” Lee, 36, tells PEOPLE.

“I think when I was a lot younger, I always thought it was one or the other: You are either fully focused working your butt off on your art, or you’re a mom and you don’t have time for that anymore,” she says. “And actually, now that I’m in it, I realize that it’s super important that I keep being who I am.”

The Grammy winner couldn’t be happier to share her work with her son.

“He loves it,” she says of touring. “If he could pick the coolest thing in the world, it would be sleeping in a bunk on a moving bus and getting to be in a new place every day. So it’s pretty much his dream coming true! But yeah, I spend a lot of the day being a mom. It’s not all just about the work.”

Adds Lee: “I want to take him along on the adventure. It’s not easy. I don’t sleep as much as I used to. But I’m very grateful to be able to do this.”

And it sounds like Jack is enjoying the adventure, too.

“He likes to watch the show on side stage,” Lee says. “He’s super into it. It’s gotten to a point where they’re trying to stop him from running out there; he wants to run out and give me a hug! I’m like, ‘No, stay back, you’re gonna fall off the stage!’ He’s not afraid.”

For Lee, the tour has been an opportunity to revisit hits she released 15 years ago — including “My Immortal” and “Bring Me to Life” from the band’s breakout Fallen album — with a new perspective.

Evanescence Kicks Off Tour At Pearl Concert Theater In Las Vegas
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“I’ve had a long relationship with my music at this point, and it’s love-hate,” she says. “I’ve gone through phases where I just wanted to never be that girl — that tiny, little piece of myself that feels like it’s all the public sees of me. And then I’ve gone through times when I’ve gone rushing back to it, just in love with this thing that I’ve been working on for so long.”

Adds Lee: “Perspective is everything. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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