Pink Denies Claims She Cringed During Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston Tribute: 'She Killed It'

The singer slams those online who say it appeared she didn't enjoy Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston tribute performance during the 2017 American Music Awards

Pink says she has nothing but love for Christina Aguilera‘s Whitney Houston tribute.

After a clip of Pink watching Aguilera’s performance at the 2017 American Music Awards circulated online, many commented that, with a deeply furrowed brow, Pink didn’t look very impressed.

But always one to set the record straight, Pink took to Twitter to slam those who are creating drama where there is none and reveal it was a look of amazement rather than disdain.

Pink shocked face AMAsCredit: ABC

She wrote, “Yes. THIS. Christina f—ing killed it tonight for one of our favorite singers ever. This [is] about Whitney, and I am in awe of Christina’s talent. Show the clip where I’m in tears, you negative Nancys.”

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Some online even imagined that Pink’s assumed grimace during the performance stemmed from long-standing drama between the two powerhouse singers.

Refuting those claims, Pink retweeted Fuse TV’s Mark Sundstrom who wrote “@Pink and @Xtina deaded their beef last year and have been FRIENDS since, respecting each other’s amazing talent as grown women. stop creating something out of nothing@TheShadyFacts”.


Although the pair famously feuded in their youth, they have since made amends and worked together on The Voice in 2016.

“She’s so talented and deep down I’ve had bad days, too,” Pink revealed in October. “She’s a really sweet person. We made up on The Voice. I mean, it was funny, I laughed. I hadn’t seen her in years and years and years.”

As for how they managed to get over their differences, the “What About Us” singer simply said, “We became moms. We grew up. We hugged it out. It’s that simple. I feel so good about that.”

Aguilera herself seemed to be on cloud nine following the Houston medley that commemorated the 25th anniversary of The Bodyguard. In a video posted to Twitter after the performance, she thanked the AMAs and the Houston family, saying, “I’ve had the time of my life.”

And Aguilera seems to only be worried about one person’s opinion. “I hope I did you proud Whitney,” she said. “Love you forever.”

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