Wade Cota is hoping to build a better life for his family after American Idol

April 26, 2019 05:15 PM

While Wade Cota has his mind set on being the next American Idol, his end goal is far more personal.

During an intimate American Idol listening session on Monday, the Arizona native opened up about his troubled past and how he plans to overcome adversity.

“I’m really just trying to do well in this competition so that I can build a better life for everybody, because everybody’s been through so much,” Cota, 27, said about his family. “I’m doing it for them.”

Despite a difficult past, including a family history of drug use, alleged sexual abuse, domestic violence and incarceration, Cota remains hopeful about the future.

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Wade Cota
Eric McCandless/ABC

“I’m trying to win American Idol so I can buy my mom’s house,” said an emotional Cota. “I don’t really have much family left and the family that I do have I want to take care of. I know by the end of this year I’m probably not going to have my stepdad anymore, or my Aunt Vicki [who are both battling health issues]. It’s literally going to be my mom and us kids and I just want it to be, for the little time that I have them, I want it to be an effortless time when we can do whatever we want and be as happy as we can.”

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The musician captured the hearts of Idol fans (and the judges!) from the very beginning.

“You have your own thing like Johnny Cash does,” Luke Bryan told Cota during his first audition. “I hear your voice in movie soundtracks. I want there to be a No Country For Old Men 2 and you sing every song.”

“You’re really, really special,” Katy Perry added. “You’ve got one of the most unique voices I’ve overheard in my life.”

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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