Lionel Richie tells a young American Idol contestant, "I don't like you...I don't like your voice...I don't like your attitude," in an exclusive clip to PEOPLE

Lionel Richie isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

In an exclusive clip of the upcoming season of American Idol, the 70-year-old judge caught a young contestant — and fellow judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan — off guard after expressing a bold opinion.

“We have a problem,” Lionel told the contestant in the clip. “Well, a big problem actually because I don’t like you.”

“Lionel Richie,” Perry said, while Bryan let out a sigh.

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Lionel Richie and Katy Perry
| Credit: ABC

“I’ve got to be honest with you,” added Richie. “I don’t like you. And for some weird reason, it’s not sitting well with me. I don’t like your voice. I’m being very honest. I don’t like your attitude. And I don’t really think you’re going to make it in Hollywood.”

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American Idol contestant
| Credit: ABC

The judges, along with the show’s host Ryan Seacrest and mentor Bobby Bones, are back for another unforgettable season of Idol.

“It’s literally a fast track mentorship program that everybody’s watching,” Perry told reporters at an American Idol Q&A on Wednesday. “I think true artists and true stars are coming out of Idol again.”

“The talent is showing up in buckets,” Lionel added. “They’re bringing more attitude to the table. In certain cases we have to turn the attitude down. But for the most part it’s amazing what’s happened this year.”

“And to watch the back stories of the kids,” Bryan said. “We get to watch the premiere like America get’s to watch it. We get to fall in love with these contestants and their ups and downs and their paths to get here.”

The newest season of American Idol premieres Feb. 16 on ABC.