In a long message on Instagram, Stevie Nicks predicted that American Idol contestant Alejandro Aranda "will play and sing across the great stages of the world"

April 16, 2019 02:25 PM

On Sunday night’s episode of American Idol, fan favorite Alejandro Aranda opened up about receiving praise from the legendary Stevie Nicks.

“I felt very honored when she did that,” the 24-year-old told reporters backstage on Monday. “When she said the words that she said, it was such a kind post. It just showed if I keep towards songwriting, it’s going to keep growing and blossoming. Stevie Nicks is a stamp of approval to keep going.”

In March, Nicks, 70, shared a clip of Aranda performing during his audition. In her Instagram post, the songstress praised Aranda, saying that the contestant “will play and sing across the great stages of the world.”

“Last night on American Idol… I was just ready to push ‘Guide’ for the next hour and on walked this quiet soft-spoken guy and something about him said ‘Don’t change the channel,'” she wrote. “When he started to play the first chords, I started to cry. I cried all through his guitar song and all through his piano song.”

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“My prophecy,” she continued. “He will play and sing across the great stages of the world. He will play with 60 piece orchestras and he will play alone. I felt, as did the judges, that I was suspended in some sort of magical grace that was just simply overwhelming. My tears did not stop until he stopped.”

“So, Alejandro, let me welcome you to the grand stage that will be your home for the rest of your extraordinary life,” she finished, adding, “Love always, Stevie Nicks.”

After Monday night’s episode, Aranda moved on to the top 10 of the reality singing competition after a performance of his original song “Cholo Love.”

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Nicks isn’t the first celebrity musician to praise Aranda. During the All Star duet episode earlier this month, musician Ben Harper said that he had heard Aranda’s playing before he came on the show.

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“I had heard him in my family’s shop,” Harper, 49, told in-house mentor Bobby Bones after performing his song “There Will Be a Light” with Aranda. “I’ve heard so much music in that shop over my whole lifetime. His playing is so singular that I poked my head out of the shop and heard him playing and was like, ‘Yeah he’s got it.’ I remember his playing.”

American Idol airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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