Inside Alicia Keys and Mashonda Tifrere's Blended Family Friendship: 'We Have Girl Talk'

Swizz Beatz's ex Mashonda Tifrere opens up about how she and Alicia Keys have a "sisterhood" now after overcoming drama for their kids

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A decade ago, if someone had told Mashonda Tifrere that one day she’d be celebrating Mother’s Day with her ex-husband Swizz Beatz and his superstar wife Alicia Keys, she probably would have laughed.

But that’s just what happened this past Mother’s Day as Tifrere, Beatz and Keys, along with their respective children, all came together as one.

Tifrere — mom to Kasseem “KJ” Dean, Jr., 11, with Beatz, and author of Blend: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family — says despite her painful divorce in 2010, the harmony she has now with Beatz and Keys, who he married in 2010, is the result of years of hard work.

“I commend us as women,” says Tifrere of making peace with Keys, who prides herself on being KJ’s ‘Bonus Mom’ and also has son’s Egypt, 8, and Genesis, 3, with Beatz.

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The first time Tifrere and the star ever met alone was in 2012, following KJ’s sixth birthday. “With Alicia, there’s no way that I could just push her to the side because she is the woman in my son’s life,” she says. “I wanted to get to know her because my son was telling me amazing things.”

During their first sit-down dinner together, initially “we were both so guarded and we didn’t know what to expect from one another,” says Tifrere. But, “we knew that we wanted to work on ourselves and our relationship.”

One meeting led to many more and now the two women are forever bonded. “Mashonda and Alicia are the ultimate Krazy Glue that keeps our blending together,” Beatz tells PEOPLE. “Women are the healers of the world.”

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When it comes to her relationship with Keys, “It’s an awkward romance,” says Tifrere, adding that “there’s never any anger or jealousy. We would never allow that into our circle.”

She continues, “It’s larger than friendship, there’s a sisterhood…We have tea, girl talk. She wants to know who I’m dating — it’s really cute.”

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Tifrere is currently single, but she says “there will never be a shortage of men!” One thing that has likely come up in her girl talk with Keys: online dating.


“I tried Tinder,” Tifrere recently revealed while promoting Blend at The Belnord in New York City. “I went on three dates and I was like, ‘Mmm, I don’t think this is for me.'”

Right now her focus remains on her son, blending and trying to be a beacon of light for other nontraditional families.

“Blending is definitely available for everyone,” she says, “If someone is conscious enough to want it, it’s there.”

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