'True to Myself': Alicia Keys Discusses Her Journey to Building Confidence

"A lot of times we're all searching for someone else to have all the answers," the singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE

Alicia Keys realizes she had the answers all along.

In an interview with PEOPLE (the TV Show!)'s Kay Adams discussing Keys' YouTube Originals docuseries titled Noted: Alicia Keys The Untold Stories, which was released on Sept. 30 — Keys opens up about her journey to building her self-confidence.

"A lot of times we're all searching for someone else to have all the answers. I definitely was and once I realized that no one else has the answers except me, I could just feel, you know, confident in myself," Keys, 40, tells PEOPLE.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys. Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Despite her successes, Keys gets candid in the docuseries about feeling powerless at times throughout her career — and says that though she's remained true to herself, she's still learned a lot in the process.

"Definitely am not trying to discredit that I have totally remained true to myself. More that I've learned more about that I could even be stronger for myself," she says.

In the docuseries, Keys also dives into her family life and opens up about her complicated relationship with her father, Craig Cook. Keys was raised by her single mother and didn't reconnect with her father until adulthood.

At one point, Keys asks him if he had any regrets.

To this, he responds "Yeah I do. My relationship with you" — and the "Girl on Fire" singer admits she's grateful he was able to open up.

"I especially felt grateful that he was able to say I should've been able to show up. 'Not only for you, but for your mother.' It gave me a sense of almost an apology. Almost being able to acknowledge these things that happened and we move forward from them," Keys says of their relationship.

Last month, Keys first released the trailer to her docuseries exclusively with PEOPLE. The trailer offered viewers an inside look at what it has to offer: meaningful performances, memories and conversations Keys has had with family, friends and collaborators — and an insight into her world.

"When I'm making music, I'm exposing all of my secrets, and I'm very uncomfortable being exposed — but I guess not so much anymore," the Grammy-winner said in the opening of the clip.

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At the MTV Video Music Awards last month, Keys performed her newly released single "LaLa" with Swae Lee for the first time.

During the performance, she sang against a background of New York City and eventually transitioned into a slower version of "Empire State of Mind," her 2009 collaboration with JAY-Z.

Noted: Alicia Keys The Untold Stories, produced by Westbrook Media, is out now and available to watch on Keys' YouTube Channel.

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