By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated November 02, 2016 02:42 PM


Adele has officially joined this year’s group of celebrities who went completely incognito for Halloween. The singer celebrated the spooky holiday in Dallas, Texas ahead of her Tuesday concert at the American Airlines Center.

Adele, 28, shocked her 20 million Instagram followers when she revealed that she dressed up as Jim Carrey‘s character in the classic 1994 film The Mask. Though she shared two black and white photos of herself, we can totally tell that she got it right with the signature green mask and yellow zoot suit.

She even got her getup down to the details with the cleft chin and the ipkiss tie!

And fans could definitely tell that it was Adele behind the mask as they noticed her “Angelo” tattoo on her right hand.

Stanley Ipkiss himself — Jim Carrey, that is — also loved her take. “Hi @dele. It’s Jim from the other side. Weird coincidence, I dressed up as one of your roadies for Halloween,” he wrote on Twitter Wednesday, sharing a photo. “I absolutely love you.”

Last time, the Grammy and Oscar-winning hitmaker successfully pulled off this much undercover work was in November 2015 when she surprised several Adele impersonators by disguising herself as an Adele impersonator named “Jenny.”

That same year in May, the mother of one celebrated her 27th birthday with a costume party for which she transformed into George Michael, complete with facial hair and coiffed wig.