Adele has grown slightly less reticent to talk about her relationship with Simon Konecki. Here's everything we know about their marriageĀ union
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Considering her reputation as the reigning queen of chart-topping sadness, Adele is actually in a pretty good place right now, relationship-wise. Her partnership with husband Simon Konecki has endured through five years of worldwide superstardom — perhaps aided by the fact that the singer has kept their love largely out of the spotlight.

At the beginning of 2017, the pair were recently spotted out and about wearing with appeared suspiciously like wedding bands, which sent the rumor mill into overdrive. At the time, Adele’s rep had no comment on speculation that they tied the knot in secret, but at the 2017 Grammy Awards, she dispelled those rumors with her acceptance speech for album of the year (for 25) by thanking her “husband and son.” Let’s take a look back at the pair’s relationship.

Thirteen years Adele’s senior, Koncecki was something of a wunderkind. He grew up in New York and moved to London when he was 10, studying at Eton for two years. He became a foreign exchange broker at 17 and was a power player at Lehman Brothers by 24. He left Lehman in 2005 to found the eco-friendly water brand Life Water and its charity, drop4drop, which brings clean water to developing countries across the world.

Credit: Richard Young/Rex USA

Previously married to a stylist, Konecki got divorced in 2008. Konecki and Adele met in 2011, and she first addressed their relationship in a since-deleted post on her blog around Jan. 2012. Some of Konecki’s relatives live in Boca Raton, Florida, and he and Adele were spotted going on an airboat ride through the Everglades that same month. In June of that year, she announced on her blog that the pair were expecting a child together. They welcomed a son, Angelo, into the world on Oct. 19, 2012.

Adele remained cagey about their relationship for some time, pointedly refusing to share Angelo’s name with the press in Jan. 2013. But nearly three years later, she opened up to 60 Minutes Australia, saying, “It’s only because of [Konecki] and because of our kid and stuff that I’m all right.”

She added that despite being supportive, Konecki generally isn’t too invested in her music, though he did enjoy her most recent album, 25. “He cares about me more than anything, but he doesn’t care about the style of music that I make and stuff like that. He just loved it.”

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Last year, Adele purchased a home in Beverly Hills, California, making “a quiet life away from the spotlight” with Angelo and Konecki.

“The reason her relationship works with Simon is because they are on the same page,” a source told PEOPLE in August 2016. “Their priority is their son, and Adele loves being a mother. Angelo is a very happy little boy.”

One romantic gesture from Konecki got an unusual bit of publicity in October. Typically, Adele’s concerts end with attendees being showered with confetti printed with lyrics from her ballads “Rolling in the Deep and “When We Were Young,” but in honor of the pair’s fifth anniversary, Konecki somehow managed to slip in pink confetti adorned with handwritten love notes.

Adele’s reticence to discuss the relationship has continued to ebb in recent months. She talked to Vanity Fair for their December cover story, telling them: “All of my relationships are more important to me than any tour I’ll ever do. If my relationship with Simon or my relationship with Angelo started to flounder a bit now, I would pull out of my tour.”

She went on to call the pair’s romance “the most serious relationship I’ve ever been in.”

“He’s not threatened by any stage of my life that I’m going for, and that’s an amazing thing,” she added.

In the same interview, Adele addressed the key difference between Konecki and other men she dated after making it big. Others “were so insecure about themselves. They couldn’t handle it at all.”

Konecki, by contrast, “is already who he is.”

“He’s confident,” she added. “He’s perfect.”

Adele apparently confirmed her marriage to Konecki during the 2017 Grammys. “Grammys, I appreciate it, the Academy, I love you, my manager, my husband and my son – you’re the only reason I do it,” she said as she accepted the award for album of the year.