Adele underwent throat surgery for a hemorrhaged vocal chord in November 2011

By Karen Mizoguchi
June 30, 2017 08:30 PM
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

Adele has damaged her vocal cords nearly six years after undergoing throat surgery for a hemorrhaged vocal chord in November 2011.

In an emotional letter to fans and concertgoers via social media, the Grammy winner, 29, announced she has canceled her last two tour dates at London’s Wembley Stadium following her June 28 and June 29 performances.

“The last two nights at Wembley have been the biggest and best shows of my life. To come home to such a response after so long away doing something I never thought I could pull off but did has blown me away. However, I’ve struggled vocally both nights. I had to push a lot harder than I normally do. I felt like I constantly had to clear my throat, especially last night,” Adele wrote.

“I went to see my throat doctor this evening because my voice didn’t open up at all today and it turns out I have damaged my vocal cords. And on medical advice I simply am unable to perform over the weekend,” the mother of one continued. “To say I’m heartbroken would be as a complete understatement. I’m already maxed out on steroids and aids for my voice.”

Though she considered going on with the shows, Adele stated that her fans deserve the highest standard of singing.

“I’ve considered doing Saturday nights show but it’s highly unlikely I’d even make it through the set and I simply can’t crumble in front of you all and walk out on you in that way. I’m so desperate to do them that I’ve even considered miming, just to be in front of you and be with you,” she explained. “But I’ve never done it and I cannot in a million years do that to you. It wouldn’t be the real me up there. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for your disappointment.”

So far, Adele had completed 121 shows around the world as part of her massive 25 Tour. “I’m devastated,” she concluded her message.

The cancellation comes after the songstress reportedly hinted that she might be done with touring.

Adele left a handwritten note to fans buried in tour programs for her June 28 concert at Wembley Stadium, according to The Sun. “So this is it after 15 months on the road and 18 months of 25 we are at the end,” the note read. “Touring is a peculiar thing, it doesn’t suit me particularly well. I’m a real homebody and I get so much joy in the small things. Plus I’m dramatic and have a terrible history of touring.”

Back in 2011, Adele was plagued with a polyp, which can develop if bleeding is left untreated.

“More often than not, the injuries occur because of their unbelievable work ethic. I don’t think there’s an increase in injuries. I think it’s being diagnosed more frequently because of awareness,” Dr. Steven M. Zeitels, a leading surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital who has treated Adele, told Entertainment Weekly.