February 15, 2017 05:40 PM

Maroon 5‘s new music video for their latest single “Cold” is pretty trippy — literally.

In the nearly 7-minute long video (directed by Rich Lee), frontman Adam Levine is invited over to Future‘s pad for a party to listen to the rapper’s verse on the song. The singer agrees to go over and calls his wife Behati Prinsloo to let her know he’ll “be back soon.” Her only request? For him to pick up some milk on his way home.

But once Levine, 37, arrives at Future’s house, an unknown substance is dropped into his drink, and things start to get weird. Lingerie-clad women with various animal heads grasp at the disoriented singer, police cars levitate in the air and he even crashes an underwater wedding.

In the final minute of the video, Levine — safely back home in bed — recounts his crazy night to Prinsloo, 27.

“It was weird. Somebody slipped something into my drink,” Levine tells his wife, who just wants to go back to sleep, about the bizarre encounter. “I think it was acid because I started tripping balls…It was crazy.”

“I got arrested when the cops came, but they weren’t really the cops,” he continued. “It was like this adorable little cartoon stripper and she gave me an adorable little cartoon lap dance. That was weird, and then these two girls pulled me into a room for a threesome,” continues Levine, finally getting his wife’s attention.

“Nothing happened,” he quickly clarifies.

Most importantly to Prinsloo, though? He remembered the milk. “Awesome. I love you,” she tells him as they cuddle up to sleep.

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