Authorities Refute Aaron Carter's Claims of Aggression While Rep Says Star 'Absolutely Was Profiled'

"We feel Aaron absolutely was profiled – whether it was his celebrity, his car or his tattoos," Carter's publicist tells PEOPLE

Georgia authorities are refuting Aaron Carter‘s claims about the circumstances surrounding his weekend DUI, including that the arresting officers used “aggression.”

Capt. Floyd Canup of the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia told PEOPLE that “the incident report reads that [Carter] was cooperative with the deputies and there was no incident between him and the deputies during arrest.”

However, Canup said that Carter’s girlfriend, Madison Parker – who was in the car at the time – failed to follow deputies’ commands and was arrested for obstruction of law enforcement officers, as well as possession of drug-related objects and possession of marijuana.

Carter’s rep, Jonathan Ward, tells PEOPLE exclusively that the star has “nothing against the police” and understands they were doing their job. “Madison has never been arrested … she was scared, as anyone would be. She apologizes, in particular to Aaron’s fans,” Ward adds.

Madison Parker and Aaron Carter. Allen Berezovsky/Getty Image

The former child star, 29, was pulled over about 9 p.m. Saturday in Habersham County, Georgia, about 90 miles north of Atlanta. He was charged with driving under the influence, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and possession of drug-related objects.

According to a report by the arresting deputy, Carter’s breath smelled of marijuana and his eyes were bloodshot. Although Carter told deputies that he was not driving, the arresting deputy reported seeing him get out of the 2005 Chevy Suburban, according to the police report obtained by PEOPLE.

Habersham Co Sheriff Office

Carter failed several parts of the field sobriety test and appeared unsteady on his feet, the deputy wrote in the report. Deputies also found a glass pipe with residue in the center console of the SUV and a small baggie of what appeared to be marijuana in Parker’s purse, adds the report.

Parker, 26, of Studio City, California, was arrested after she stood up and began taking photos of the deputies on her phone at Carter’s request, states the deputy in the report. Deputies asked her to sit down and when she didn’t, she was handcuffed, states the report.

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In a public statement posted to Twitter on Sunday night, however, Carter claimed he was innocent of all charges and was targeted by the police because of his celebrity.

According his statement, Carter said that after recently having a tire replaced, it fell out of alignment while he was driving. He claimed that he drove to the nearest AutoZone in Georgia to fix the tire when police officers arrested him “with aggression.”

He added that he has a license for medical marijuana for his anxiety and feels he was marked due to his fame.

“He feels his ‘celebrity’ was targeted and an attorney will be retained in this matter,” the statement said. “The video from AutoZone will prove that Aaron was not in a moving vehicle while arrested and charged with a DUI.”

In response, Canup told PEOPLE that a deputy sheriff was conducting a traffic stop nearby when a call came in to the 911 center about an erratic driver.

“He drove to the area of the vehicle and happened to see Mr. Carter behind the wheel as he pulled into the AutoZone,” said Canup.

Ward, doubling down on Carter’s claims, tells PEOPLE that, “Aaron was not in the automobile at the time of the arrest. They let him walk into the store — the employees at the AutoZone said he was very pleasant — then the police went into the store to get him.”

“How do you give someone a DUI when they’re not in the car?” he stated. “We feel Aaron absolutely was profiled – whether it was his celebrity, his car or his tattoos.”

Aaron Carter. Habersham County Sheriff's Office via AP

A former publicist for Carter tells PEOPLE, however, that Carter has problems, but chooses not to acknowledge them.

“This kind of stuff absolutely stemmed from his childhood and Aaron needs to see a therapist but is too stubborn or proud to do it,” the insider said. “With the death of his sister a number of years back and the relationship with his mother, Aaron needs to put the drugs down and speak to a friend.”

The former publicist added, “He needs a good slap in the face to wake up and I really hope this is it, because he is so talented and needs to stop what he’s doing.”

Carter’s current publicist refutes the allegations.

“He’s a child star – he can’t get away from these people who want to berate him. He’s human. He took a break, comes back with a hit single, yet he’s cyberbullied all day, every day – ‘You meth head, you crack addict.’ What does that do to someone?” Ward asks PEOPLE. “He does not have a drug issue. He has had past issues with alcohol, which he’s been open about. He’s never done any hard drugs — coke, heroin, meth.”

Earlier this year, Carter admitted that he “smokes bud,” but denied using any other recreational substances. Back in 2008, he was arrested for investigation of marijuana possession, though Carter tells PEOPLE no charges were filed.

A few years later, in 2011, Aaron checked himself into the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, “to heal some emotional and spiritual issues he was dealing with,” his manager at the time, Johnny Wright, previously said in a statement.

Though he’s spent the past few years mostly out of the spotlight, Carter released an EP – LøVë – earlier this year, featuring new single “Sooner or Later.” He plans to move ahead with Monday’s scheduled show in Birmingham, Alabama. “He loves his fans and he’s still doing his show tonight,” his rep tells PEOPLE.

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