The 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist said he is "heartbroken" over the sexual assault allegation, which he said is "beyond untrue" and has since been recanted by the accuser
5 Seconds of Summer - Michael Clifford
Michael Clifford in 2018
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Michael Clifford is offering apologies for his past offensive comments — and completely denying since-recanted sexual assault allegations.

On Saturday, the 5 Seconds of Summer member, 24, addressed his followers in regards to resurfaced instances of offensive behavior on his Twitter account dating back to when he was 16. Clifford said he is a "different person" today while conveying his regrets.

"hi. I am so f---ing sorry for all the dumb s--- I did when I was younger. I am a different person now with a much better understanding of the world," he tweeted. "some people have access to a digital megaphone a bit earlier than they should, unfortunately, I was one of them."

"I am so sorry for hurting anyone," he added. "it was never my intention. I was so naïve and I am embarrassed and I am beyond sorry. I will continue to be better and I will continue to change. I never want to hurt anyone again."

Though the guitarist didn't specifically address any of the allegations, the apology came after a Twitter user posted a thread of accusations that Clifford made misogynistic and homophobic remarks in 2012, among other claims.

Elsewhere on the social media platform, another user — who has since deleted their account and started another to recant their allegations — accused the musician of sexual assault after 5SOS opened for One Direction in summer 2013. The person, 14 at the time, claimed that Clifford came into the crowd after their set and "violated my safety and privacy" by inappropriately touching them.

"holy s---. i am heartbroken to read these things that are being said - they are just BEYOND untrue," Clifford wrote on Twitter. "i was never allowed in the crowd i only ever watched at front of house - and i would've never EVER done that. i wouldf NEVER do anything like that. i'm so f---ing upset."

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Clifford added that it would have been "logistically impossible" for him to safely roam among fans at a concert given the group's popularity.

"im not trying to be defensive i promise this is just so completely false," he wrote. When another user asked that he elaborate on his denial of the accusation, Clifford said, "i really just dont know what i can even say."

"people are asking me to explain but how can i explain something that i was never involved with in the first place? i truly want to give you what you're asking from me but what more can i say?" he tweeted.

The accuser then reappeared on Twitter on another account to repudiate their prior claims. "Today, I found out that I have been wrong for almost seven years. ... My offender IS NOT MICHAEL CLIFFORD. HE NEVER TOUCHED ME, HE NEVER SAID THOSE THINGS TO ME. He's innocent. I know there's literally nothing I can do to change what I said yesterday and I wish, with my whole heart, there was a way to erase everything."

The person continued, "All I wanna say is I'm sorry Michael. I'm completely sorry for being wrong about you and the damage I may [have] caused."

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Clifford was also called out for once appearing to wear a shirt that featured the Confederate flag.

In response to worldwide outrage and protests over police brutality, the Australian boy band issued a statement on May 31 in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"This has to end. We stand in solidarity with the Black community in the fight against institutional racism and structural injustices," read the statement. "We must implement change through our own actions by educating ourselves and others around us."

"Use your voice. Use your platform," the statement continued.