2 Chainz and Adam Scott Star in Expensify Super Bowl Video — and Watching It Can Win You Money!

A press release calls the Adam Scott/2 Chainz collaboration "the world's first music video you can expense" — and it can win you some major dough

An unlikely collaboration between 2 Chainz and Adam Scott can potentially add up to some big prizes for Expensify users.

The rapper, 41, and Parks and Recreation actor, 45, have teamed up for a parody music video for “Expensify This” in the lead up to Super Bowl LII. The clip invites fans to “expense” the receipts they see in the video for a chance to cash in on various rewards.

According to a press release, individuals must download the Expensify app and snap a pic of the receipts in the video, then submit the photos for a chance to win cash or the items the receipts are for. Some lavish examples? A gold jet-ski, a diamond-covered football and an Audi R8.

The contest comes ahead of Sunday’s big game, when the duo will star in an ad which the release describes as “a first-of-its-kind commercial you can expense” — where a grand prize will be announced.

2 Chainz.

According to quotes each of the stars gave in the press release, both 2 Chainz and Scott had a blast creating the video and subsequent ad.

“So much creativity and collaboration went into making this video,” 2 Chainz said. “It was really over the top and a lot of fun.”

“I’m excited to be in the Expensify Super Bowl campaign and can’t wait for everyone to see the spot,” he added.

2 Chainz with Adam Scott.

Joked Scott, “I’ve always wanted to be in a hip-hop video and a Super Bowl commercial, so mission accomplished. Thanks 2 Chainz and Expensify for making it happen.”

Expensify’s founder and CEO, David Barrett, says that since it “wasn’t my childhood dream to become an expense report magnate,” he “built Expensify to take away the mundane drudgery so you can do what you were born to do.”

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“That might be spending more time with your kids, traveling to foreign countries, trying to make the world a better place, or in 2 Chainz’s case, making the most epic music video ever,” he quipped in the press release.

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