Get to Know PEOPLE's 10 Favorite Up and Coming Latinx Musical Acts

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, PEOPLE has put together a diverse list of Latinx artists you should get to know. From country to R&B to indie funk, these artists will get you singing along and celebrating the beauty of being Latinx

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Brian Terada

Mejor "SOLA" que mal acompañada, right NEZZA?

Meet NEZZA — the Colombian-Dominican star making waves in music as she continues to grow her fanbase on YouTube and Instagram.

"I'm so proud to be Latinx," she tells PEOPLE. "We're extremely passionate and lively human beings. I want to spread love and give people a performance they'll never forget."

NEZZA might be a familiar face to some as she got her start as a professional dancer for artists like Zendaya and appearing in music videos with Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez.

"My dream is to see people dancing to my own music the way so many of my idols made me growing up — whether that's at a club or in their bedroom," she says.

Combining Latin and reggaetón beats with lively R&B, NEZZA's tracks such as "Corazón Frío" and "Bailemos" with Alan Matheus will get anyone on their feet.

"My music is rhythmic and heartfelt with a Spanglish flair," she explains. "I want people to get up and dance but at the same time have an opportunity to relate to what I'm going through."

NEZZA is set to release her EP Club Solita in October and will open for Colombian superstar Teo? on Oct. 1.

In the meantime, check out her sexy track "SOLA" and check out her vlogs on YouTube.

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María Isabel

maria isabel
Louisa meng

This Dominican artist is taking contemporary R&B by storm.

María Isabel, a singer-songwriter from Queens, New York, recently released her EP I Hope You're Very Unhappy Without Me, which follows her debut Stuck in the Sky in 2020.

"I'm incredibly proud of it. Next up is tour, finally!" she tells PEOPLE.

For the songwriter in María, it's her poetry skills that inspire her artistry most. "All my songs start as poems in an attempt to be as forthcoming as I can be. All I ever want to do with my music is reach other people, and that requires honesty and vulnerability from me," she says.

On being a part of the Latinx community, the "Where Does the Love Go" singer says it's a "huge part" of who she is, so "naturally that spills into everything I do."

"I grew up in a Dominican household with the radio always playing everyone from Selena to Aventura," she says. "Those songs helped foster my love and appreciation for music. It's why I write in Spanish and do what I do."

The rising star says it's hard for her to describe her music because she never wants to "box herself in" to genre classifications. Instead, she likes to consider it "honest and vulnerable above anything else."

Listen to her latest EP, I Hope You're Very Unhappy Without Me.

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To Salomón Alejandro Villada Hoyos, aka Feid, his culture is his "muse."

This Colombian singer has already collaborated with major artists such as J Balvin and Sebastián Yatra and at the end of the day, he attributes his creative process to his roots.

"Everything that inspires my music — my muse if you will — is and always has been my culture and everything that revolves around that," he says. "The most beautiful thing is seeing how artists from salsa and vallenato are so keen to the culture and it has inspired me to also be an ambassador for our people."

"I tell stories about how life is over there; the issues that the youth are going through, stuff that perhaps even parents aren't even aware of," he adds. "My mission is that one, to amplify the message, to tell the Colombian story."

The singer is currently working on a mixtape and preparing for a tour, along with finishing up his next album. Feid adds that "Colombia is the most 'chimba' place in the world!"

Watch the music video to his latest track "Si Tú Supieras."

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Luna Luna

Ash Rosas

Luna Luna is sure to be your new favorite indie band.

Comprising Kavvi Gonzalez, Danny Bonilla, Kaylin Martinez and Ryan Gordon, the Texas-based group folds in Spanish and English lyrics into a lo-fi, funk and R&B sound with relatable lyrics. (I mean, they have a song called "Baby Loner!")

"We're blending Spanish lyrics into our music because of the music we grew up on," Gonzalez tells PEOPLE. "We all either had parents that would play us a lot of music in Spanish like Hector Lavoe, Marc Anthony and Aventura."

With standout songs like "Commitment," the perfect retro track "'80s Tune" and "Golden," along with their latest album Flower Moon, Luna Luna says they're simply a "group of friends that are really proud of our heritage," adding that it's been a "gift" to perform for "people who look like us."

"Our music sounds like what it feels like to fall in love. I think when we make music we only want to put the purest emotions possible on our tracks," Gonzalez says. "Our music is also constantly evolving. I feel like that's the only way to continue to grow as an artist. So ask us this in a couple years and we might give you a different answer."

As they look forward to their future as a group and hope to work with new Latinx artists, Gonzalez says with each project they've "strengthened our relationship with music and each other."

"Celebremos nuestra cultura este mes y que nunca la dejemos morir," says Gonzalez. "Let's celebrate our culture this month and let's never let it die."

Check out the group's album Flower Moon and our favorite track on it, "A Different Color Doesn't Stay."

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Mike Miller

Christopher Daniel Soriano, a Puerto Rican rapper professionally known as CJ, wants to "represent" his Latinx people on the main stage.

The rapper from Staten Island has quickly amassed attention from his single "La Mamá de la Mamá," which now has 72 million streams to date. To CJ, it's important for his fans to know that his music "comes from the heart" and it defines "where he comes from."

"I grew up listening to all types of music and being Puerto Rican, of course, I became a fan of reggaetón. It's a blessing and a dream come true to work with some of the biggest artists in Latin music," CJ tells PEOPLE.

CJ released a track titled "Replica" featuring El Alfa on Sept. 17 and describes his music as "catchy, fun and ready to party music." He's also preparing to release his first solo album, which he says is coming "very soon."

The artist notes that while he juggles a jam-packed schedule, he is also focusing on what matters most: "family, music, giving back and showing love."

The past year has been a whirlwind for the rising star, and he thanks his fans for their constant support.

"They say, 'What a difference a year makes' and that's so true because my life has changed incredibly in a year. I am truly grateful," CJ says.

Watch the music video to his latest single "Replica."

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Snow Tha Product

Snow tha Product
Miguel Madriz

Count on Snow Tha Product to spit some bars!

This Mexican-American rap star folds her Latina heritage and queerness into authentic lyrics in songs such as "Dale Gas," "Butter" and "Qué Oso," which she describes as her "entire identity in one song."

"It's very hard to grow up in a traditional religious family and not fit the norm," she tells PEOPLE about the track. "You're scared your whole life that you're going to be disowned if you are your true self. When you grow up and finally realize those opinions can't do anything and to speak your mind because everyone is a hypocrite, I think it's a very freeing feeling."

Born in the Bay Area, Snow says she looked up to rappers like E-40, who inspired her "aggressive West Coast style."

"He never came up and then fell off," she says of E-40. "He's always been a consistent artist that has consistently been cool and he's influenced me a lot."

About her music, Snow says, "It's all self-made. I record it myself. I travel around the world and can set anywhere and start working. There's nobody else's opinions other than my band and I think that's the way artists should do it."

"Quarantine paused everybody's life," she adds. "So we might as well bring entertainment."

Listen to Snow's latest release "Que Le Gusta El Flow" featuring Jon Z.

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Kat and Alex

Kat & Alex
Matthew Berinato

To Kat and Alex, their fans are "fan-mily" — or should we say, "fan-milia?"

The country duo, comprising American Idol alums Kat Luna and Alex Garrido is embracing their Latinx roots and merging them with the sounds of country.

"Being [Latinx] has influenced our artistry by inspiring us to bring our first language into country music. We always strive to translate any songs we have in English into Spanish," the duo tells PEOPLE.

Their most recent single "Most Nights," which was released on July 30 has gained over 80 thousand steams to date — and they're currently hitting the studio to record new music coming out soon.

To the duo, their authenticity on and off the stage is of utmost importance. (It might be easier to write love songs for the duo since they got married in January!)

"We always want everyone to know our authenticity in both life and music. What you see on camera is what you'll see off-camera. What we write about comes from our experience," the duo says. "In Latin culture, we are brought up to treat everyone like our own family and we strive to apply that to our career."

Listen to their latest single "Most Nights."

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yendry/ instagram

Yendry is a Dominican-Italian singer-songwriter making her mark in the Latin music scene.

The singer considers herself a "hybrid:" "Being part of two different cultures gave me the chance to have an open mindset, discover more, travel more [and] experiment," she tells PEOPLE.

The singer-songwriter also recalls her family memories growing up and says being Latinx has influenced her music in "such a good way."

"I still remember the BBQ with salsa and bachata as a background, or La India's songs playing while I was cleaning the house with mamá. Those are memories that nobody can't take away from me and they're part of my music, whatever I create," she says.

Yendry's most recent single "You," features Damian Marley. She's also currently working with J Balvin for her next single, along with a new album and upcoming live performances.

"I can't wait to perform live, that is a big part of my job and it's my favorite thing to do," she says.

Watch the music video to her latest single "You."

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Victor Internet

AJ Incammicia

With Victor Internet's music, take a seat, lean back and just listen.

Victor Internet's music will remind you of the likes of Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo with their soft, sexy R&B and funk sounds — or as they describe their music: "the scent of fresh linen when you just finished doing your laundry."

Growing up in Chicago's South Side, Victor's upbringing was a rough one. They tell PEOPLE they dropped out of high school and had to "grow up very early."

"Many kids like me grow up in low-income families and become early providers," Victor says. "Despite these challenges, I was able to write music to cope and I hope to inspire others to do the same. My music explores young love, generational hardships, and self-discovery."

With tracks such as "Virgo," "Tinder Song" (which includes lyrics about their LGBTQ identity) and an album under their belt aptly titled Victor's Debut, the singer is set to release their EP BLUE 2000 next month. Victor is inspired by artists like Prince, Sade and James Balke.

"Being Mexican has influenced my artistry and music by becoming my drive to push past my limits and use my experiences to write timeless music," they explain. "[My music] is warm, inviting, and you can always wrap yourself in it to relax."

For now, listen to their tracks "FOREVER," "Luv" and the lively "One Day."

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La Goony Chonga

La Goony Chonga nos gusta mucho.

This Cuban-American artist born and raised rapper and reggeatonera was influenced by her upbringing to create her "chonga aesthetic."

The term chonga is one La Goony has reclaimed, which Urban Dictionary defines as a Latina girl "known for her cheap form of dress, a combination the so-called gansta look." (She even has a YouTube series where she gives artists and influencers Chonga makeovers!)

"Since I started putting music out my sound has consistently evolved and im always finding new ways to infuse other genres into my sound," she tells PEOPLE after dropping her song "Thangin" with Gansta Boo.

With albums Santería P— 2, Dinero and 2019 Dimen5ión, La Goony has become a favorite among Latinx queer people with her music which she describes as "empowering and sexy."

"I just released my EP Descontrol in July which is very influenced by early 2000s reggaeton mixed with electronic sounds," she says. "I'm also getting ready to start working on a new album and put out some visuals."

Listen to her experimental EP Descontrol, featuring tracks such as "Mírame."

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