Zoe Kravitz Says She 'Felt Like a Freak' Growing Up Around 'Mostly White' Kids: 'It Was a Rough Time'

Zoe Kravitz, who is the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, opens up about her struggles growing up in a mainly white community

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Zoë Kravitz knows the pain of growing up looking different from her peers.

Kravitz, who is the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, appears on the latest cover of Elle where she talks about her struggles growing up in a mainly white community.

“It was a rough time for someone trying to discover who they are,” Kravitz, 29, says. “I went to a private school in Miami, surrounded by wealthy kids, mostly white. I felt like a freak because my hair was different, and little kids would come up and say, ‘Can I feel your hair?’ “

She continues, “The things that made me different were the things I didn’t like about myself; I wanted to straighten my hair, remind people that I was half white.”

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The Crimes of Grindelwald actress also opens up about how her upbringing and her famous father’s love life affected her self-image.

“I went through a really awkward phase. I was short and brown, surrounded by tall girls with boobs and blonde hair,” she says. “And my dad was dating supermodels, so I was waking up to Adriana Lima. I didn’t have beauty as a crutch, and I’m thankful for that because I had to develop my personality.”

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Kravitz has been open about her personal life lately and revealed that she has been engaged to her actor boyfriend Karl Glusman since early this year. The actress casually confirmed the news to Rolling Stone in their cover story.

“Oh yeah, I’m engaged,” Kravitz confirmed after the reporter spotted her ring. “I haven’t told anyone yet — I mean, I haven’t told the world. I wanted to keep it private.”

Glusman, who met Kravitz at a bar two years ago, had intended to propose in Paris but moved the moment to the couple’s living room when work schedules scrambled his plans, according to the magazine. “I was in sweatpants,” Kravitz said. “I think I was a little drunk.”

Kravitz preferred the relaxed way that Glusman asked her to marry him. “He nailed it,” she praised. “And I love that it wasn’t this elaborate plan in Paris. It was at home, in sweatpants.”

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