Zendaya Gives Relationship Advice: 'You Cannot Change Anybody'

Zendaya gives some tough talk on relationships in her fourth video episode on dating advice

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Zendaya isn’t playing games when it comes to talking about relationships.

In her latest installment for her ongoing video series on relationship advice, Zendaya weighed in on why being in a committed relationship can sometimes be difficult for young people.

“I’m so anti being in a committed relationship when you’re young and people are learning and growing, because when people are young they make bad decisions sometimes because they don’t know any better,” the 20-year-old actress said. “It doesn’t mean they don’t know the difference between right and wrong, it just means that they’re still in the experimental phase in their life where they haven’t made the right decisions yet.”

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star admitted that she had been cheated on, but said that “not all men are dogs,” and urged her viewers not to judge everyone the same way because of one negative experience, but to instead trust their instincts.

“I would say follow your gut,” she said. “If you feel it, it’s probably happening. If you feel like you can’t trust somebody or you feel whatever than you shouldn’t be in a relationship with them.”

She added about relationships, “Something I learned is it’s very hard to be in a relationship when the both of you are still figuring out life. You cannot change anybody. You cannot make someone grow up faster than they’re supposed to.”

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She also hinted that she was seeing somebody when asked by a fan what she would do if she thought she liked someone but was “unsure” and was too “shy” to find out if there was any future with that person.

“I’ve been too shy before,” she said. “I just recently got courage enough to be like’ listen, I like you, are we doing this?’ ”

(It was rumored that Zendaya was dating Tom Holland, but in her recent cover story for Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood issue, the actress denied dating her Spider-Man costar.)

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Down-to-earth advice aside, the CoverGirl star also recently launched an app offering a behind-the-scenes look at her life, which includes the inside scoop on her red carpet makeup skills.

The singer and actress also appears in a new Bruno Mars’ music video for “Versace on the Floor,” his sensual power ballad, where she shines in a custom-made glittery chainmail dress.

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