"I needed a pair of underwear. I put them on. Then I started thinking about it. A lot of levels, it's wrong," Galifianakis said of wearing Justin Bieber's underwear

By Alexia Fernandez
June 18, 2019 07:29 PM

Zach Galifianakis was once a little too close to Justin Bieber.

Galifianakis, 49, actor opened up to David Letterman on the Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction about stealing a pair of Bieber’s underwear after the two had filmed an episode of Galifianakis’s talk show Between Two Ferns in 2013.

Galifianakis explained that he had gotten as a stunt during the segment and needed to change as he was headed to a stand-up show that night.

“We had a trailer for the guests and he was done with his,” the actor said. “So, I go to his trailer to get the stuff off me. He’s gone. Anyway, I didn’t have any underwear. I didn’t bring underwear, I brought pants and a shirt, but I forgot to bring extra underwear. I can’t wear this underwear.”

He added, “So, I see a pair of underwear in the corner,” with Letterman, 72, cutting in, “Assuming it belongs to Mr. Bieber.”

Zach Galifianakis; Justin Bieber
| Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images; James Devaney/GC Images

Galifianakis replied, “Well, I needed a pair of underwear. But the fact that it was his probably was more interesting. I put them on. Then I started thinking about it. A lot of levels, it’s wrong.”

The Hangover star recalled he kept the underwear for “years” because “I have nieces” — whom he intended to present with the singer’s underwear.

“Oh no,” Letterman said, covering his eyes. “Let me guess: ‘Hey girls, guess what, Justin Bieber‘s underpants?'”

“Yeah,” Galifianakis confirmed, while Letterman replied, “Oh my God.”

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The actor continued, “So, we walk up to my bedroom, my sister and my niece, and I go, ‘I’ve been saving these for you.'”

The surprise didn’t go over well.

“The look on my niece’s face,” Galifianakis said, laughing. “She did not accept it, she was not into it at all, which I’m glad that she wasn’t.”

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is now streaming on Netflix.