'Baby Oil for 2': Zac Efron Says New 'Baywatch' Movie Will Be Raunchy

Zac Efron unveiled details from his just-announced Baywatch movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Photo: PacificCoastNews

Cue the slow-motion running!

Baywatch is back and Zac Efron is on board – but don’t expect the movie to be just like its predecessor.

“It’s going to be R-rated and it’s going to be badass,” Efron told Reuters after news broke of his involvement yesterday.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will also star in the flick and Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) will direct.

Efron told Reuters that the movie will deviate from the David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson-headlined TV show.

“I think we’re going like pretty big with it and I don’t think it’s going to be much like the old Baywatch to be honest,” Efron said. “I think we’re going to kind of reinvent it in a big way, and he [Johnson] has big plans for it. I know he’s very ambitious.”

The We Are Your Friends actor and his new costar are already whooping it up on social media.

“So stoked brother – baby oil for 2 plz,” Efron Tweeted in response to Johnson’s enthusiasm.

Johnson also shared matching shirtless photos of him and the star on Instagram, writing that he was excited by the “insane” reaction to the casting news.

“Clearly he’s one unattractive sumb—- but he’s a great dude who’s ready to make something epic,” Johnson wrote of Efron, adding, “Over the past few years I’ve taken careful steps with this franchise cause we want to do it right – big, fun, global, sexy and bad ass mixed in with ‘This is my beach b—-‘ kind of RATED R comedy. We’ll start shooting at the top of 2016 and one more thing.. just wait ’til you see who we cast for our girls…”

Johnson also couldn’t resist adding the hashtags: “#WhoWantsToBeSaved? #MouthToMouthForEverybody #WellNotEverybody.”

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