Zac on Crack; De Niro's Sex Scene: Your Guide to 'Dirty Grandpa' 's Most Outrageous Moments

Will you be entertained or traumatized by the Robert De Niro and Zac Efron comedy? Take our quiz

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Some people like their R-rated comedies full of nudity, over-the-top lewd humor and A-list actors lost on fictional drug trips. Some don’t.

In the case of raunchy comedy Dirty Grandpa starring Zac Efron and Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro, your potential enjoyment of this film will depend on your eagerness to see sights such as mostly-naked Efron on the wrong end of a pedophilia joke, Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) describing in gory detail the dirty sex she plans on having with De Niro, and De Niro’s (prosthetic) penis.

So is this film for you? Here’s a handy questionnaire to help you decide. Minor spoilers ahead:

1. Do you want to see Zac Efron wearing nothing but a stuffed bee?

Make no mistake, Efron’s chiseled, tanned physique is a sight to behold and celebrate. The obvious work he put into his muscle tone is on full display in a scene in which Efron’s character, who is already drunk, unknowingly smokes crack cocaine and proceeds to take off all his clothes save for a stuffed bumblebee tied around his private parts, which he then rubs on several female partygoers.

2. Do you like jokes about pedophilia?

At the end of Efron’s mostly-naked drug trip, he wakes up on the beach – still bee-dazzled – and gets into a weird tug-of-war with a young kid who wants to touch his bee. To the passersby on the beach, including the kid’s dad, it looks like something very, very wrong is going on. Oh, and all the while he has a penis-shaped swastika drawn on his forehead.

3. Do you want hear De Niro rap and use the N word?

During a scene in which De Niro celebrates his newly-formed friendship with a group of predominantly black friends by having a karaoke night, De Niro’s character performs Ice Cube s It Was a Good Day and halfway through the song stops short and asks his new friends if it is now okay for him to use the slur. They unanimously vote/yell for him to say it and so he does.

4. Do you want to hear a college-aged woman describe in explicit detail the sexual acts she wants to perform with a septuagenarian?

From the minute she appears onscreen, Aubrey Plaza’s character makes it known that she is sexually liberated and sex-obsessed. Her target: De Niro’s character, with whom she engages in explicit, X-rated banter about exchanges of bodily fluids, sex positions, and much, much more. All of which culminates in a sex scene that you may never be able to erase from your brain.

5. Do you want to see De Niro’s penis?

You’re in luck if so, although said penis is actually a prosthetic, thanks be to the movie gods. Seems dear old Grandpa likes to sleep in the nude.

Dirty Grandpa is now in theaters.

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