Zac Efron Reveals What's Kept Him Grounded Over the Years: 'Staying Positive No Matter What'

The actor is partnering with AT&T to introduce faster internet service for customers

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 07: Zac Efron arrives at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

From acting, producing and traveling, Zac Efron appreciates being able to juggle everything as efficiently — and quickly — as possible.

Now the actor, 34, is partnering with AT&T to help host Life, Gig-ified, a virtual press event for AT&T Fiber, announcing an upgrade on speed and reliability of customers' home internet.

"I thought it was a cool opportunity to learn more about the future of tech and communication at home," Efron tells PEOPLE. "I love that there are no rules in this new world of creating content…but no guidelines and unlimited freedom can also be the cause of great frustration, it can work for and against you."

Days off for the busy actor entail "sleeping in, a good work out, maybe playing some games or watching movies with friends and dinner at a great restaurant."

He is also a huge fan of gaming. "The first game I remember really loving was Zelda on N64 and the Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64," he adds. "I have been gaming with friends and family since the Super Nintendo days so it's been a long time. I've never played World of Warcraft because it looks so hard to wrap my head around!"

Efron insists what has best kept him grounded over the years has been "focusing on the art of it all and staying positive no matter what." His key to decompressing is to "stop, slow down and take time to get grounded," the actor adds. "It does take some time for the stress to wear off."

Now he's most happy "spending time with friends and family, travel and the exploration of new places and cultures, anything that gets me outdoors," says Efron, who will next be seen in the films The Greatest Beer Run Ever and Firestarter.

As for any tricks to balancing it all, Efron just laughs. "When you figure it out, call me because I'm knackered."

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