De Niro isn't letting his age hold him back from anything!

By Naja Rayne
Updated January 08, 2016 12:05 AM
Credit: Courtesy Lionsgate

Who knew Robert De Niro was so strong?

Zac Efron, that’s who!

The actor took to Instagram on Thursday, sharing a poster for his upcoming film Dirty Grandpa, in which he stars alongside De Niro – and from the looks of it; the 72-year-old is as fit as his younger co-star.

“No joke Robert De Niro is low key as strong as The Rock,” Efron, 28, captioned the photo. “First time I saw him shirtless he did over 25 pull-ups in a row and I couldn’t help but be entranced by his rippling back muscles.”

In the poster, a shirtless De Niro lifts Efron over his shoulders as he squats and gives his best mean mug. The former High School Musical star, also topless, shows off his biceps as he’s lifted.

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And for the haters who might be doubting the legitimacy of the photo, Efron clarifies, “This picture is real by the way. Like he actually did that. #DirtyGrandpa January 22!”