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Efron will not let go of his selfie stick

March 15, 2016 01:45 AM

Zac Efron might love it, but film director Jake Szymanski is not a fan.

The actor’s new obsession with the selfie stick seems to be causing some chaos on the set of Efron’s next feature film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. In a hilarious video for Funny or Die, the Disney alum’s potentially unhealthy relationship with the photo prop is on full display.

“Zac is the kind of actor, the kind of person that he just gives you one hundred percent. He gives you full commitment,” Syzmanski said. “The only thing is right now, he’s fully committed to that self-stick. That’s been a bit of an issue.”

What issues could possibly arise from watching Efron, 27, take photos of himself all day? On a film set, a lot – including tons of overtime and a few instances of exceeding the budget.

“Ever since Zac got a $14 selfie stick, we’ve gone hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget,” Szymanski added.

What’s more surprising about the Baywatch star’s new hobby is that just a day before buying his own selfie stick, he wasn’t too fond of them, as Syzmanski recalls he and Efron laughing at a honeymooning couple who used the stick.

“I don’t know what to do, but I’m thinking of putting signs on set that say no selfie sticks allowed,” the film’s director added. “And maybe saying it’s from Fox. Like Fox won’t allow them because they don’t want leaks.”

Sounds like a solid strategy.

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