Memorial Day Plunge! Zac Efron Sinks Into Ice Bath After Hot Sauna in Shirtless Workout

Zac Efron put in some work over Memorial Day weekend.

The 31-year-old actor posted two videos to his Instagram story showing off his holiday plans, which consisted of sitting in a hot sauna that got up to 156 degrees before running out and immediately plunging into an ice cold bath.

“Going straight from here into the ice tank. Whoa!” Efron says as he sinks in, huffing and puffing due to the strain of the changing temperatures.

He then posted a second video of him calmly hanging out in the tub, where he calls out a fellow actor who often pushes himself during workouts.

“Ice baths are easy bro. Kevin Hart, let’s go. I challenge you,” Efron says.

Zac Efron
Zac Efron/Instagram

The Baywatch actor has posted videos from his daring fitness exercises before, including a dance session while in a cryotherapy chamber. Efron posted a video of the treatment, which is said to help relax muscles after a workout, in March 2019.

Efron jumped into the chamber wearing just swim trunks and protective gloves and socks as well as a face-mask and ear warmers. The protective gear was necessary while he hung out in the chamber, which holds cold and dry air at —200 degrees.

But one thing he did leave behind is his shirt as he danced to Vanilla Ice’s hit “Ice Ice Baby” and joked around with his friend who went in with him.

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