Borg Vs. McEnroe opens in select theaters of Sept. 15.

By Eric Renner Brown
July 03, 2017 01:58 PM

We finally have a sample of Shia LaBeouf as John McEnroe.

A teaser trailer for the upcoming film Borg Vs. McEnroe shared Monday depicts LaBeouf as the tennis legend, as he takes the court against Swedish rival Björn Borg.

Directed by Janus Metz and starring Sverrir Gudnason as Borg, the biopic, due this September, tells the story of McEnroe and Borg’s fabled rivalry. With an on-court dynamic many described as “fire and ice,” the two tennis stars played 14 official matches from 1978 to 1981 — and each came away with seven victories.

The trailer features McEnroe’s famous line, “You cannot be serious,” which he yelled at Wimbledon umpire Edward James during a disputed line call in 1981.

The Borg Vs. McEnroe cast also includes Stellan Skarsgard, Ian Blackman, Tuva Novotny, and Leo Borg, the athlete’s son who will depict him in his preteen years.

See the film’s trailer above.

Borg Vs. McEnroe opens in select theaters of Sept. 15.

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