The creepy clown went viral after he was spotted across Florida in 2015

Horror lovers looking for new scares after the release of It: Chapter 2 are in luck.

The trailer for the documentary Wrinkles the Clown was recently released, and it features a real-life clown eerily similar to It‘s Pennywise.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the story of Wrinkles went viral in 2015. The clown was featured in a Washington Post story that year, which reported that parents in Naples, Florida would pay him to scare their misbehaving children.

Wrinkles was then spotted at multiple points along the western coast of Florida, according to the Times, and went viral on social media as people shared alleged sightings of him and videos of themselves calling the phone number where he advertised his business.

Wrinkles’ true identity is not public knowledge, and not all the Wrinkles sightings have been confirmed to be the same person, but filmmaker Michael Beach Nichols told the Times that the clown is real. According to the Times, the documentary provides new information about his identity.

The trailer is made up of voicemails from people who have called Wrinkles and terrifying security footage of him lurking outside people’s homes — including one clip in particular that shows him emerging from underneath a sleeping child’s bed.

Wrinkles the Clown
Wrinkles the Clown
| Credit: Magnet Releasing

The final section of the trailer appears to show an interview with the real Wrinkles himself.

“No one was hiring me when I was just a regular clown,” a voice says. “I just thought, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll give it a little edge.'”

According to the Times, Wrinkles’ phone number — which is shown in the trailer — still works and Nichols says the clown “still listens to as many voicemails as he can get through, but it’s overwhelming.”

“I think that a big part of the primal fear of clowns comes from their traditional access to our children,” Nichols told the Times. “Here’s a stranger, usually a man, wearing brightly colored face paint to conceal his identity. … We don’t truly know who this person is or what his motivations are. … In terms of Hollywood, I feel like there’s something incredibly intriguing and rich about the light/dark duality that exists or that might exist in every clown.”

Wrinkles the Clown arrives in select theaters on Oct. 4.