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July 14, 2016 09:30 AM

Woody Allen has nothing but kind words for Kristen Stewart.

The actress stars in Allen’s upcoming 1930s drama Café Society, and the esteemed director said he knew Stewart was the perfect actress to play the role of Vonnie, the secretary of a celebrity agent who claims to reject the Hollywood game

“She had the right quality for this part, there were very few people who did,” Allen told reporters at the Café Society premiere on Wednesday. “She had a very beautiful look that could be a girl from Nebraska, you know simple and cornfed and naive, and could be transformed easily into very sophisticated and elegant, and not every woman can do that.”

Allen said Stewart’s costar Jesse Eisenberg also had the perfect versatility needed for the role.

“I needed Jesse and Kristen to play those kinds of characters, and they both could do it,” he added.

And when asked about his ability to write strong female leads into his films, Allen said that he’s able to relate to the characters he creates, calling himself a “fragile flower.”

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“I identify with the women. When I see A Streetcar Named Desire, I identify with Blanche because I am also a fragile flower, so it’s not hard for me to write females because the interesting ones in films are the ones that are neurotic, ones that are fragile, the ones that are screwed up,” he said. “They make the ones that give you the stories.”

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The director said he would much rather create characters with depth rather then focusing on “boring,” everyday type of people.

“To write about competent men and competent women is boring – you want to write about neurotic men and murderers and neurotic women,” he explained. “These are the ones that give you the dramatic stories. So it’s perfect for me.”

Also starring Blake Lively, Café Society will be released on July 15 by Amazon Studios and Lionsgate.

Reporting by MAGGIE PARKER

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