The Irrational Man director tells PEOPLE he gets "a little boost of adrenaline" every time he sees her on set

By Jeff Nelson
Updated July 16, 2015 01:35 PM
Credit: Bei; Getty

Like everyone else in America, Woody Allen is enchanted with Emma Stone.

The filmmaker, 79, has tapped Stone to star in two of his movies – last year’s Magic in the Moonlight and now, Irrational Man – and opens up about her charm.

“Her allure is everything: She’s beautiful, she’s bright, she’s gifted, she’s sexy, she’s intelligent, she can do comedy, she can do serious things, she sings, she dances, she’s a pleasure to work with,” the writer-director told PEOPLE Wednesday at The Cinema Society’s New York Irrational Man premiere.

In Allen’s latest, Stone plays a peppy undergrad who gets involved with her older, curmudgeonly college professor (Joaquin Phoenix).

“I think she’s going to be the biggest female star in America over the next couple years,” he added at the Fiji Water-sponsored screening. “She’s phenomenal.”

Allen and Stone enjoy down time between takes – she even taught him how to text! – and he says she brightens everyone’s day while filming.

“It’s just a pleasure to, you know, you come in in the morning at 7:30 on the set, and there’s Emma Stone: Your heart gets a little boost of adrenaline.”

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While some have designated Stone, 26, as Allen’s latest muse, he says they don’t have plans to make another movie together – at least not yet.

“Well, she’s not in my next film,” he says. “But if I had anything that was right for her – and she was not doing another film at the time, she was available – I’d certainly hope that she would do it.”