Woman Who Grew Up in the Home Alone House Reveals What It Was Like During Filming

Laura Abendshien was only 6 when her family's home served as the set for 1990's Home Alone


Turns out there was a family living in the Home Alone house during the making of the holiday classic!

36-year-old Laura Abendshien appeared on the U.K. morning show This Morning to recount her experience living in the Chicago suburb home while the 1990 hit movie was filming. Abendshien was was only 6 years old and remembered how her family avoided being seen onscreen and other fun tidbits.

"We stayed in the house pretty much the entire period, which was about four or five months," she said. "In order to avoid appearing onscreen, we would have to crawl around the window line from room to room."

She also recalled how the cast, including the movie's young star Macaulay Culkin, would hang out around the home in-between scenes.

"They would spend time in the house when they weren't filming their scenes. Macaulay Culkin used my room to study with his tutor and his brother [Keiran], wasn't filming as much, so he would just hang out in my room," she remembered.

HOME ALONE, Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, 1990. TM and Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All r

Abendshien said the movie's success caught her and her family by "surprise."

"We saw something special was happening, but we didn't anticipate how much of a hit it would be," she said of the reception to the Chris Columbus-directed family comedy, which spawned two sequels.

"It was very surreal when the movie came out and all of a sudden it's holiday season in 1990 and it was an endless row of cars and people wanted to see the house and take photographs and that was very new to us, but we grew to love it and we shared the magic of the movie."

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