To start, the woman recalled, "I work up the courage and nudge him and ask 'hey you look exactly like timothee Chalamet' to which he smiles and says 'I GET THAT A LOT' "

By Maura Hohman
February 07, 2019 10:16 AM

An Oscar nomination won’t stop Timothée Chalamet from flying coach.

On a recent flight, a fan of the actor got the surprise of her life when the Beautiful Boy actor, 23, sat down right next to her. She was so taken with the experience of traveling beside Chalamet, she tweeted about it shortly after landing.

To start, the woman recalled, “I work up the courage and nudge him and ask ‘hey you look exactly like timothee Chalamet’ to which he smiles and says ‘I GET THAT A LOT.’ ”

For the next hour and a half or so, the woman said she contained her excitement in until the star asked her when the flight was due to land. In response, she “couldn’t hold it in and said ‘I KNOW U R TIMOTHEE.’ ”

James Devaney/Getty

Then, she said Chalamet laughed and revealed his true identity when he introduced himself and shook her hand. Naturally, the questions started pouring out.

“List of actual questions my dumb b-tch mind asked him that he answered super patiently,” she tweeted.” 1. Why are you sitting in economy class (he laughed and said how dare you), 2. Have you met Beyoncé (he has not), 3. How is Steve carrell (he said he’s amazing and offered to FaceTime him!!)”

Next, she revealed the extent of her fandom, telling him she’d stalked his Wikipedia page, which earned her a high-five, and that she loves his first scene in Lady Bird. The twist in the interaction, though, came when Chalamet started asking her a series of questions.

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“What shocks me the most is this dude wanted to know about me,” she tweeted. “He asked me what I do, what project management is about (literally who cares timothee), where I grew up and PRONOUNCED MY NAME RIGHT.”

She continued: “And all his questions were super sincere and genuine and he KEPT high fiving/ friendly nudging and while my heart was exploding, I also spoke to him like I would to a friend only bc he made me feel so comfortable!”

And because this fan had done her research, she was aware that Chalamet is obsessed with The Office — so they got to talking about the NBC cult comedy.

“The BEST discussion we had was about THE OFFICE and which episode we love ( I said dinner party represent) and we discussed the show and at this point I’m like is my life real, is this a fever dream,” she wrote.

All good things, including flights, must come to an end, though.

To conclude, the woman wrote, “The flight landed, we spoke for a bit about his upcoming films, he wished me luck for my career (Idc about my career at this point) and also told me I was the *only* one in his entire journey who recognised him and asks if I want a pic and I oblige graciously w/o any frills.”

She also followed up with a few adorable details about the actor: “1. When the stewardess offered him flight pretzels & orange juice, he scarfed them down in < 20 secs like he hadn’t eaten in 48 hours, 2. He asked if I was expecting him to be taller or shorter- I said shorter (shut up @ me), 3. He loves easy A.”

It’s not just economy passengers on planes who have this reaction to Chalamet. Glenn Close, 71, has been known to fangirl over him and she’s posted multiple pictures of him over the course of this awards season.

“The unlikely friendship first became public when the two posed for a selfie at the Hollywood Film Awards in November. Close posted two funny snaps on her Instagram, writing, “Timothée is as adorable as he is talented! … Timothée always looks very glam & cool.”

Then, in January, the pair met up again on the Critics Choice Awards red carpet. Close was up for the best actress prize for her performance in The Wife, while Chalamet was one of best supporting actor nominees, for Beautiful Boy.