Will Smith Dives Into Shark-Infested Waters in a New Episode of His 'Bucket List'

Will Smith can now add "swimming with sharks" onto his bucket list


Nothing can stop Will Smith from checking off items from his bucket list — not even an ocean full of sharks.

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip, the 50-year-old actor is taking a leap into shark-infested waters for a new episode of his Facebook Watch show Will Smith’s Bucket List.

Smith visibly pumped himself up before putting on his wet gear and preparing to dive right into the ocean where several sharks could be seen swimming.

The Bad Boys for Life star was accompanied by a team of divers, but that didn’t stop the actor from looking visibly shaken. Not one to let fear hold him back, Smith took a deep breath and jumped into the ocean.

This is the second episode for Smith’s Bucket List, which debuted last week and saw the actor convince his entire family — minus daughter Willow — to skydive for his birthday.

Smith’s show comes one year after Pinkett Smith’s highly successful Red Table Talk launched on the platform.

Will Smith on Facebook Watch’s Will Smith’s Bucket List.

The couple has been outspoken about their relationship on Red Table Talk, with Pinkett Smith getting candid about the “deterioration” of “fantasies” within their marriage.

“Let me tell you, nobody talks about the sacrifice, the deterioration and the dissolving of fantasies,” she said in a recent episode. “You, right now, have in your mind your perfect woman. And when you find that woman, she’s gonna be a goddess to you. We fall in love with the goddess, or the god, within that person, and then when we actually meet the human being, then we gotta learn how to love that one.”

“The reason why it is so important to me to be able to stick it out is to really get to the true meaning of love, in my opinion, it is unconditional,” she continued. “It has to be, because we are all too flawed. No matter how much work we do! It never ends.”

Will Smith’s Bucket List airs every Wednesday on Facebook Watch.

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