WATCH: Will Smith Conquers His Fear and Dives with 13ft Sharks for His 'Bucket List' Show

Will Smith is tackling a big fear in only his second Bucket List episode

Photo: Will Smith/Facebook

Will Smith is conquering his biggest fears in a new Facebook Watch show called Bucket List — and the latest episode revolves around sharks!

To get over his fear — which he “blames” Steven Spielberg for because of Jaws —Smith, 50, traveled to the Bahamas to scuba dive with 13-foot tiger sharks. But that wasn’t the original plan.

“We’re in the Bahamas, and I’m about to do my bucket list: diving with sharks,” he tells the camera. “When I came up with this bucket list idea, in my mind I was in a cage. I wasn’t like, diving free, wide open with the sharks.”

“I feel that there’s a part of me that has to,” Smith says of diving with sharks. “I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever dreamed, and the major thing that I’m still seeking is I know there’s more than that. And my fear of the unknown is keeping me from that divine wisdom. When you’re not afraid to die, you’re no longer afraid to live.”

After consulting with experts and learning about how sharks help ocean ecosystems and are docile when not threatened, Smith and friends board a boat out to the ocean where they’re immediately welcomed by over a dozen small lemon sharks surrounding the boat.

But those aren’t even the ones he’ll have to face.

Smith is informed that he has to jump through the smaller sharks swimming at the top in order to sick to the bottom of the ocean where he’ll find the bigger sharks. The news don’t help his nerves.

Will Smith on Facebook Watch’s Will Smith’s Bucket List.

“I hate being scared, I hate it,” he says. “My whole childhood was marked by debilitating fear. It’s like, you can’t be happy if you’re scared. I just don’t want to be scared of anything, and how you get over it is you confront the fear.”

Smith then dives head first into the water and swims to a spot where the group is approached by huge sharks. And after some slight hesitation, Smith starts getting more comfortable and even touches several sharks and gently pushes them out of his path when they get too close to his face.

“Nothing in life will ever feel like that,” he says after getting out of the water. “The reason you push the envelope is because the rest of life gets more enjoyable.”

This is the second episode for Smith’s Bucket List, which debuted last week and saw the actor convince his entire family — minus daughter Willow — to skydive for his birthday. Smith’s show comes one year after Pinkett Smith’s highly successful Red Table Talk launched on the platform.

Will Smith’s Bucket List airs every Wednesday on Facebook Watch.

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