Will Smith's Thanksgiving plans were delayed by an unusual guest

It’s Thanksgiving — and no one knows it better now than Will Smith!

The actor, 50, was surprised by an unusual sight on Thursday while on a run to the grocery store for some pies. Sharing a video on Instagram, Smith showed his fans a literal turkey was crossing the road while he was on the freeway.

“Why did the turkey cross the road? No really… why did he do this?!” Smith wrote in the caption. “I’m trying to get the fam’ some pies!”

In the video, Smith could be heard saying, “It definitely must be Thanksgiving when you got a damn turkey on the road.”

A car honking could be heard in the background as the actor continued, “My dude, get out the street. Must’ve escaped. Get out the street, man!”

Will Smith
Credit: Will Smith/Instagram

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, the actor’s son Jaden, 21, gave back to the community with a truck in Los Angeles’ Skid Row handing out bags of toiletries to the homeless.

“Video from Our @iloveyourestaurant Thanksgiving On Skid Row A Few Days Ago. I Love You Everyone And Have A Good Day,” Jaden wrote in the caption of the video on Instagram.

His dad shared the video and expressed how proud he was of his son, writing, “Congrats, Jaden on your successful Thanksgiving “I Love You” Truck. The way that you continue to Give & Contribute to our Human Family brings tears to my eyes. You make your parents proud!”

Smith’s holiday plans with his family — Jada Pinkett Smith and their kids, including daughter Willow come after Smith shared an inside look at Willow’s Halloween-themed birthday party on his YouTube channel.

The actor proudly showed off his daughter’s party, sharing that it was the first soirée for Willow in five years.

“Me and Jada really wanted to lay it out for her. This is her last year of teens to have her birthday party,” Will said.

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Her party was complete with catering by chefs dressed in combat gear and brandishing flames as they cooked a special dinner.

Will reminisced on the day his daughter was born, saying, “She came out and literally [she] was fitting in my hand. Just her little legs hanging off and she looked like a little bean. My little bean.”

“I’m just glad we were able to give her this kind of memory and memory for us,” Jada said of the party.

When it came time to blow out her birthday candles, Willow was surprised with a cake decorated with mushrooms a la Alice in Wonderland.

“This is amazing! Thank you guys so much for coming,” Willow told her guests. “I’m so grateful for all the love and support and the community that I have in my life. I’m so happy that you all are here. This is a beautiful cake, let’s have some fun. Thank you!”