Will Smith Has Heartwarming Surprise Reunion with Retiring Receptionist 30 Years After They First Met

"She said I made her day. Y'all... she made MINE," Will Smith said

Will Smith shared a special moment on Friday with a receptionist he met three decades ago, at the start of his own career, as he helped celebrate her retirement.

“My favorite moments on the road are the ones where I can connect with people like @anitascipio,” Smith, 51, wrote on Instagram, alongside a video that showed the actor coming into the iHeartRadio office in New York City to surprise receptionist Anita Scipio on her final day of work.

“I met her at the front desk before one of my VERY FIRST interviews of my career… and yesterday I was lucky enough to see her off into retirement 30 years later,” he continued. “She said I made her day. Y’all… she made MINE. Enjoy yourself Mama and keep spreading that love & light wherever you go!”

Will Smith
Will Smith/Instagram

In the heartwarming video, a visibly delighted Scipio screams out when Smith enters the room before giving him a big hug. “I can’t believe it,” she says, “Will, I met you like 30 years ago.”

“You came in here, you were just getting started and I met you then for the first time. Now to have you back again, it’s full circle. God, I love you. You’re amazing,” she added. “Oh my goodness, you’ve made my day.”

In another fun trip down memory lane, earlier this week, Smith teamed up with late-night host Jimmy Fallon to summarize his entire life story in the span of a nearly three-minute-long rap song.

Throwing it way back, Smith chronicled his early days in Philadelphia before he was cast on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990.

“I was rappin’ just to make bus fare/ Then I moved in with my auntie and uncle in Bel-Air,” Smith rapped, before going on to describe his jump from television into movies, with roles in films like Bad Boys, Six Degrees of Separation and Independence Day.

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The song also covered the actor’s marriage to wife Jada Pinkett Smith, before ending on a list of some of the more recent movies he had starred in, including Aladdin and Spies in Disguise.

“Aladdin ain’t never ever had a friend like me/ And I turned into a pigeon in my last movie,” he rapped. “So whether G, Genie, matchmaker, fish or a bird —”

“You’re a good man,” Fallon added, as Smith concluded, “And Bad Boy for life.”

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon. Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

After the rap, Smith also told Fallon that it was meaningful to reflect on his long career and life.

“As we were going through, I was kinda like, ‘Wow, that was kinda [great],” he said. “I had a nice little run.’”

Smith’s upcoming movie, Bad Boys for Life, hits theaters on Jan. 17.

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