July 29, 2016 10:25 AM

Will Smith knows how to make an entrance – it just might take him a few tries.

The Suicide Squad star stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday, but struggled to make the perfect entrance. After simply walking out on stage and throwing a few waves and points in the audience’s direction, Smith said he just didn’t feel like he delivered enough on the way out.

“I think I can do it better,” said Smith. “They deserve a better entrance than that.”

Smith, 47, ran backstage for take two of his introduction, and after host Jimmy Fallon read his introduction again, the actor came rolling out on stage (literally!) in a giant, plastic bubble.

Still, it just wasn’t good enough.

“That was pretty good. I felt a little bit better about that one,” he said. “I just think they deserve a little more than that.”

Once again, Smith headed backstage to attempt the perfect entrance – this using a Soul Train-inspired dance number.

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The actor danced his way back on stage as neon lights flashed behind him. And just when Fallon thought the actor was finally done, Smith suggested he could do even better.

“That was almost it,” said Smith. “I mean it was close – one more! One more!”

And apparently the fourth time was the charm.

For his final entrance, Smith galloped out on a unicorn accompanied by a gospel choir singing his name.

“So good, so good!” Fallon said after Smith finally nailed the introduction.

Watch the hilarious video above.

Suicide Squad opens Aug. 5.

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