Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Named Honorary Miami Officers Ahead of 'Bad Boys for Life' Debut

Bad Boys for Life hits theaters this upcoming Friday, Jan. 17, 2020

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith have earned police badges!

As the world prepares for the highly anticipated premiere of Bad Boys for Life — the third installment of the famous Bad Boys franchise — the pair celebrated their new honorary titles with the Miami Police Department.

On Sunday, Smith revealed that the force had named the two actors, who play Miami cops Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) in the films, honorary police officers.

“Been rockin’ with Miami for over 25 years and today me and @martinlawrence got the keys to the city and were officially made honorary Miami Police officers!! Big thanx @francisxsuarez and @pitbull (happy BDay) for setting us up! #badboysforlife,” the 51-year-old actor shared on Instagram alongside a series of photos and videos of the two men receiving their keys.

In one of the videos, the official who presented Smith, 51, and Lawrence, 54, with the honor also announced that Jan. 12 would be celebrated as the “Bad Boys for Life” day in the city of Miami, which was met by cheers from the crowd.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images
Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in 2020. Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

With just a week until the movie’s premiere, Vanessa Hudgens gave fans a sneak peek into the upcoming movie. The actress stars opposite Smith and Lawrence and shared a still from the movie in which she, Smith and costar Charles Melton appear to be at the scene of a crime.

“Well this is a dope pic lol @badboys #badboysforlife,” Hudgens, 31, wrote in the caption.

In May 2019, Hudgens spoke to PeopleTV about her role in Bad Boys for Life saying she didn’t hire a trainer to get her ready for the action-packed film.

“I was actually the one person they didn’t set up any training for,” she said. “Everyone else got personal trainers, and I was like, ‘Where’s my personal trainer?’”

Hudgens continued, “I guess I was just already fit. But I didn’t have as much time to prepare for that as I wanted because I literally finished Rent and that night was on a red-eye going straight to work. I think I had one crash course of shooting guns but, luckily, the gun I used primarily in Bad Boys I used in Sucker Punch. So it was like riding a bike.”

The film follows the franchise original two installments, 1995’s Bad Boys and 2003’s Bad Boys II. In December, both Smith and Lawrence spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about their reunion for the film.

“It’s been really special,” Smith said. “We just got back. We shot some pieces in Atlanta, and just people seeing us together on the street — there’s like this really magical thing with Bad Boys.”

“I didn’t know people had that kind of energy towards it,” he added, with Lawrence, 54, chiming in, “Well we’re back! We’re here!”

Bad Boys for Life hits theaters Jan. 17.

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