Will Smith, Jimmy Kimmel and More Star in Heartwarming First Trailer for Dads Documentary

Bryce Dallas Howard brought together dads from all around the world to ask them all about fatherhood for Apple TV+'s Dads

Dads are front and center in Apple TV+'s upcoming documentary.

The streamer released the first trailer for Dads on Friday, following fathers all over the world as a sweet and emotional look into fatherhood. The documentary features home videos from regular dads and celebrity fathers alike, including Will Smith, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Hasan Minhaj, Neil Patrick Harris and more.

The trailer for the movie promises plenty of heartwarming moments as all kinds of fathers explain just how much having their kids in their lives means to them.

"I wanna know more about what it takes to be a father and celebrate all the great dads out there," director Bryce Dallas Howard says at the beginning of the trailer.

"You're only as happy as your family, so you're very vulnerable," Kimmel, 52, says a little later as he starts tearing up.

"I felt like an impostor, but I'm the man in their life," says Glen Henry, a father of 3, "so I have to be excellent."

"One thing that I learned is you need to trust your instincts," Thiago Queiroz, also a father of three, says. "We know how to do this."


Directed by Dallas Howard, 39, in her feature-length debut, the movie also includes a personal touch as her Best Director Oscar-winning dad Ron Howard appears along with her younger brother Reed Howard, who recently became a father.

A clip from the trailer also features home videos from Dallas Howard and her husband Seth Gabel, with whom she shares two kids.

"Dad, I remember you were worried that you'd never be as good a dad as your own father," Dallas Howard asks Ron, 66.

"He was great," an emotional Ron agrees.

"That's been absolutely my worry," says Reed, 33, right after, echoing his own father's worries.

"If you can be a good dad, that is a blessing that you can pass on," Ron says, tearing up.

Dads starts streaming on Apple TV+ on June 19, just in time for Father's Day.

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