The Collateral Beauty cast needs to get a room.

Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, Naomi Harris and newcomer Jacob Latimore recently sat down with People Now to talk about the new film — but they spent most of their time heaping praise on one another.

The compliments began innocently enough, with Mirren telling PEOPLE, “The reality was we were very good friends all of us.” Norton took things a step further, comparing cast member Keira Knightley to legendary actress Julie Christie. “It’s not hard to get gobsmacked [by her],” Norton said, adding, “It’s not rocket science.”

But the back patting was taken up a notch when People Now host Jeremy Parsons asked Mirren about rumors that her fellow cast members were hoping to make out with her.

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“Keira and I came pretty close,” Mirren said with a wry smile. “I was just divinely in love with her eyebrows,” she added.

The gang also spoke highly of working with Smith, who Harris revealed spent hours hanging out with his fans off set. Asked how he stays so positive while signing autographs, Harris said Smith told her, “Naomi, every single person that you meet is going through something, and you have an opportunity to add some light and some happiness to their lives, so why not do it?”

Check out the clip for more from the friendly cast, including who was the biggest prankster, and how Smith broke the ice with YouTube dancing star-turned-actor Latimore.