Will Smith only joined Instagram seven months ago and already has over 17 million followers. Here's why!

It’s Will Smith’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

Many celebrity Instagram accounts will make you wish you had their life, but few will leave you just as happy to observe it. It’s been just seven months since the Wild Wild West star joined the social media platform with a selfie taken on the Ellen show. Already he’s raked in over 17 million followers — and it’s no mystery why.

Since the peak of his career in the mid-2000s, with critically acclaimed films Ali (2001) and The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), the actor, 49, has discovered (and mastered) a new way to connect with fans. The former Fresh Prince star’s M.O. has become all about broadcasting his “yes man” mentality to the world, throwing in some intimate family and friend moments to the mix.

Featuring everything from conquering his fear of the ocean, to learning salsa in Colombia, to the “Scaring Scotty,” series that chronicles his easily frightened friend, Smith has turned his Instagram account into a treat for all his fans.

Much of Smith’s social media presence also revolves around poking fun at his kids: Trey, 25, Jaden, 19, and Willow, 17. Around the same time as his Instagram debut, Smith turned to Vlogging, with a YouTube channel that now boasts over 2 million followers.

One thing is clear — Smith is living his best life and he’s graciously given us all access to it. Check out his top 10 best posts:

That time he recapped 67 days worth of Instagram posts

Upon reaching 10 million followers, Smith treated his fans all to a nice recap of every post he’d made since he joined the site at lightning speed. In it, he explains his reason for avoiding it. “In the past, to be a movie star you needed mystery and separation.” He’s taken the opposite to heart.

That time he tried to join a steel drum band in the Cayman Islands

Smith is seen here attempting to sing the lyrics to the Mexican folk song, “La Bamba,” in the middle of a Cayman Islands steel drum band, while one of its members tries to show him how to use the actual instrument. He doesn’t get too many of the words right, but in true Will Smith fashion, he follows it up with a second post silencing his critics by screaming the full song in his car.

The time he parodied son Jaden’s music video

Smith celebrates his son’s successes in the only way he knows how — by making fun of him. In February, Jaden Smith’s hit song “Icon” from his 2017 album Syre reached 100 million Spotify streams, so Smith emulated the hit music video by mimicking his son’s style in his own way. Coming out of a regular car, rocking a literal chain around his neck, slippers, a short-sleeved jean shirt complete with green hair-dye and grillz, Smith does his son proud… kind of. “It is a Delicious Gift to a Parent to Admire his children. Keep Doin’ You,” he writes.

The time he showcased daughter Willow’s self-defense skills — sort of

On a family vacation to Budapest coinciding with Father’s Day, Smith showcases his daughter’s skills while holding her in a fake choke-hold. “No, let’s not do this now,” she tells her dad, who replies, “You don’t get to choose when a man attacks you.” The clip is all light-humored, though, since Willow throws a couple of directionless kicks in front of her unimpressed brother, followed by two water balloons at Smith’s face, captured in slow motion. Don’t miss this one; it’s got a great soundtrack.

The time he made a montage of his barber failing at the Backpack Dance

The video features Smith’s barber Pierce, who, he says in the caption, “looks like one of those inflatable puppet thingies outside the used car dealerships,” as he attempts the backpack dance. He puts him in a Drake video, on a basketball court, as an alien in a sci-fi movie…the list goes on.

The time he did an Instagram Live with the International Space Station

If you ever wondered what level of celebrity (or cool) you need to reach to essentially FaceTime with the ISS, Will Smith gave us the answer. Wearing a makeshift Astronaut suit and airpods, Smith did a live video chat with an astronaut who was taking over the NatGeo Instagram account, and asked him a bunch of questions from fans — adding his own about toilet-related issues. But before that, he posted a video to his account tasting the food astronauts eat along with a couple astrophysicists. “Nah,” was the verdict on “space tacos.”

The time he got bored between takes of his new movie in Colombia

On the set of his new movie Gemini Man (2019) Smith was bored in his hotel room in Cartagena, Colombia, so he honed in his editing skills to make a mini-movie with his iPhone. Set to the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it, Black” with an eerie, dejected Smith doing his own voiceover, the actor complains about what feels like an eternity spent in his “holding cell.” “‘The Rock’ and Kevin Hart have made three movies each since I’ve been here,” he says.

The time he tried to seduce a robot

Smith sets the tone on a scenic balcony overlooking the ocean, sitting across from Sophia, a humanoid robot capable of showcasing over 60 human emotions. He spends the first half of the video complimenting and inching up closer to get a kiss, only to be rejected by getting added to her “friends list” log. Smith is giving the people what they want.

The time he tried an Australian Meat Pie

Fewer things are more pleasant to look at than Smith desperately trying to eat a Meat Pie without swearing every three seconds. “If Hell is as Hot as a Meat Pie… I’ve got to start Behaving!” he captioned the post. “This was really good, and when the skin grows back in my mouth, I can’t wait to try other Australian foods,” Smith says in the video.

The time he danced alone in his apartment — and spoke in Spanish

After saying a few words in Spanish about how he needs the perfect song before hitting his set, Smith grabs his iPhone and makes minute-long eye contact as he starts rhythmically dancing and kicking his feet to a Raggaeton song called “X” in his apartment kitchen. He’s also wearing a matching maroon sweater, sweatpants, and sneakers, which isn’t important, but it kind of is. As the song progresses, Smith starts singing along without holding back his dance moves, in what may be one of the videos that best exemplifies his persona. Keep doing you, Will.

Smith next stars in Disney’s Aladdin, out May 24, 2019.