Will Smith Hilariously Annoys His Kids in Family Vacation Video: 'Do Something That Trends!'

The whole Smith crew was on board a sun-soaked yacht in Greece for a family vacation

Will Smith has no qualms about embracing his role as a dorky dad ⁠— even on vacation in Greece.

The Gemini Man actor, 50, recently took his entire family on a sun-soaked getaway, and chronicled the fun with his beloved selfie cam, much to the delight (and embarrassment!) of his kids.

“Everybody’s here, on vacation,” Smith declared in a video filmed aboard a yacht. “I just spanked Trey on chess. Jada just got her hair greased.”

The star then panned the camera to show his oldest son Trey, 26, sitting beside a chess board while daughter Willow, 18, moisturized the scalp of mom Jada Pinkett Smith, 47.

“Oh, you putting grease in Greece!” Smith joked, as Willow rolled her eyes at her dad’s pun.

Smiths on Vacation - Will, Trey, Jaden, Willow, Jada Pinkett
Will Smith/Instagram

Smith’s middle child, Jaden, 21, also made an appearance, having recently joined the family following a concert in Miami.

“When he shows up he comes through! What’s your vacation idea, what are you thinking right now?” he asked his son.

Jaden, sporting pink hair and bright yellow sunglasses, told Smith, “I just wanted to be as comfortable and functional as possible.”

In a second video, Jaden and Willow hilariously rejected their father’s request to “do something that trends!”

Smiths on Vacation - Will, Trey, Jaden, Willow, Jada Pinkett
Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith. Will Smith/Instagram

“We came on vacation so we didn’t have to do something that trends!” Jaden groaned as he lounged on a couch beside Willow, who was curled up in a chair reading a book.

“No, no, who said that? Did your mother say that?” Smith responded, to which Jaden said yes.

Smiths on Vacation - Will, Trey, Jaden, Willow, Jada Pinkett
Will Smith, Trey Smith. Will Smith/Instagram

“I don’t know what to tell you, dad,” he added.

After spending time in Greece, it appears the high-profile family made their way to Italy, as Pinkett Smith shared a series of photos in a white dress that she captioned, “Dinner in Italy ❤️✨.”

The Girls Trip actress also shared a sweet selfie with Trey aboard the boat, captioning the post, “The handsome one.”

Smith has really taken to Instagram after joining in late 2017, and frequently uses the platform to poke fun at his kids.

He also does the same on his YouTube channel, which has more than 6 million subscribers.

Back in August 2018, he also chronicled a family vacation off the coast of Italy, in which the family went scuba diving and hiking.

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