Will Smith Calls 'Wild Wild West' His Worst Movie: 'It's a Thorn in My Side'

Will Smith also named the films he thought were his best, calling them “almost-perfect movies”

Will Smith is looking back at what he calls his worst movie.

The actor participated in GQ's Actually Me series where he went undercover online to respond to comments from social media.

On Quora, Smith, 53, answered the question, "In your opinion, what is the worst and best movie of Will Smith?"

Writing out his answer, Smith said, "For the best, I think it's a tie between the first Men in Black and Pursuit of Happyness. For different reasons, those are the two almost-perfect movies."

As for the worst, he said, "I don't know, Wild Wild West is a thorn in my side."

"To see myself in chaps… I don't like it," he added, laughing.

The film starred Smith and Kevin Kline as two rival secret agents who put their differences aside in order to protect the president of the United States during the Old West. Also starring Kenneth Branagh and Salma Hayek, the film was called a "comedy dead zone" by critics.

Wild Wild West
Kevin Kline and Will Smith in Wild Wild West. Murray Close/Warner Bros

The choice to do 1999's Wild Wild West came around the same time Smith was offered the role of Neo in The Matrix. Smith turned down the role in the film, which turned out to be a mega-hit, to do the steampunk Western action comedy. Keanu Reeves went on to star in the Wachowskis film.

Wild Wild West was a flop, while The Matrix went on to have two sequels, as well as a fourth installment, The Matrix Resurrections, out on Dec. 22.

Smith has frequently cited Wild Wild West as a mistake in his career, telling a reporter in October 2019 he would revisit himself on the set of the movie to ask himself, "A--hole, why didn't you do The Matrix?"

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Earlier in 2019, Smith recalled passing on the movie on his YouTube channel, saying he was less than impressed after meeting writers and directors Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski when they pitched him The Matrix.

Smith added that it's all for the best, complimenting Matrix stars Reeves and Laurence Fishburne's performances.

"I'm not proud of it," Smith said of passing on the film. "But… Keanu [Reeves] was perfect. Laurence Fishburne was perfect."

"So I probably would have messed The Matrix up. I would have ruined it, so I did y'all a favor," Smith joked at the time.

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