Smith introduced PEOPLE to "Willieville."
Credit: James Devaney/WireImage

It’s a family affair.

Will Smith brought along his son Jaden, 18, to the Suicide Squad premiere in New York on Monday, where he walked the red carpet in a traditional charcoal suit.

Meanwhile, Jaden – who is outspoken about fashion style – opted for a more avant garde ensemble, as he showed up in knee-length, striped trench coat over a paint-splatted blue top, black pants and patterned pink socks.

His accessories included sunglasses, a nameplate necklace and a grill on his bottom row of teeth.

At the premiere Smith, who has said this role is the first in which his kids see him "cool for real," dished to PEOPLE about creating the perfect environment on set.

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The 47-year-old explained that because of the long hours of shooting typically required for long films, he tries to create a relaxed space – appropriately dubbed “Willieville” – in which everyone feels comfortable.

“Willieville is whenever you’re on a set, especially for these size movies, you can be 16-18 hours working on the movie so I wanted to create a place where the actors could sit and have fun and be comfortable as much as you could try to create the comforts of home, that’s what I was trying to do,” Smith told PEOPLE.