December 17, 2015 11:05 AM

Move over, Jolly Old St. Nick – there is a new Santa Claus coming to town this year.

Will Ferrell revealed on the Tonight Show Wednesday that he is replacing the iconic white-haired Santa Claus with a newer and more hip Santa.

“The Kris Kringle we all grew up with is old and lame,” Ferrell, 48, joked. “Dude looks like someone’s weird grandpa.”

“New Santa,” on the other hand, has a short, blond, Bieber-esque ‘do and wears a muscle tee version of Santa’s red suit, which he pairs with festive board shorts, a camo sack of gifts and a Bluetooth headset in his ear.

Ho Ho Who? It’s the Best On-Screen Santas!

But don’t worry: New Santa still gives out gifts!

As Ferrell demonstrated, he shoots shirts with his own face on them out of a surprisingly powerful T-shirt cannon, and delivers everything else using drones – as long as you’re in the “Drone Zone!”

It’s “the year of the drone,” he says, explaining that instead of slaving away on Christmas Eve, New Santa can sip on “cool, delicious margies” in Cabo while the drones do all the work.

Watch the whole video to learn New Santa’s favorite “new” band and to see him and host Jimmy Fallon perform a Christmas cover of the band’s biggest hit – it’ll be your new favorite holiday tune, guaranteed.

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