Into the Wild! Will Ferrell Channels a Wacko Animal Expert on 'The Late Show' – with a Few Furry Critters in Tow

The Zoolander 2 star, in full character, carted out a series of supposedly exotic animals during an appearance on the show


It’s a jungle out there, and you need a pro like Will Ferrell to survive unscathed.

Or rather, a nutty wildlife expert whipped up by the comedian.

Ferrell, 48, stopped by The Late Show Sunday for a post-Super Bowl chat with Stephen Colbert, where he showed up in full character as an animal expert ready to share his knowledge of the world’s most exotic wildlife.

Namely, geese, chickens, cats, guinea pigs and other adorable critters.

The funnyman then proceeded to cart out an adorable kitten named Mulan (which he described as a “short-spine Peruvian mongoose”), a guinea pig christened Kayak (aka “a Mongolian bush tiger”) and what he called a “duck-bodied platypus” – or simply a goose, to us common folk.

Raring not to disappoint, Ferrell came fully decked out, complete with outback hat, hunting gear, knee-high socks and short shorts.

Fans won’t have to wait long to see Ferrell ham it up once again: The actor slips into an entirely different persona as outlandish baddie Mugatu in the highly anticipated Zoolander 2. Which, in itself, already contains some very exotic wildlife – of the Ben Stiller fashionista variety – of its own.

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