Kristin Chenoweth Wants to Be in the 'Wicked' Movie – but Not in the Role You'd Expect!

"I know there's been news of the movie, and I would love to be in it in any capacity," Chenoweth told PEOPLE

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty

Tony Award-winning Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth has played everything from a good Southern witch to Charlie Brown’s sister, but there’s one role she hasn’t taken on that she’s eyeing.

The actress spoke with PEOPLE about a potential Wicked reunion and starring in her first live television musical.

“I know there’s been news of the movie, and I would love to be in it in any capacity,” says Chenoweth, 47. “Maybe I’ll play a munchkin this time.”

Broadway fans have been asking for a Wicked reunion for years, and Chenoweth and her costar Idina Menzel teased all the Glinda and Elphaba lovers via a performance of “For Good” posted on Menzel’s Facebook page to honor Wicked producer David Stone this past May.

“I’m so glad the video that Idina and I did went viral and people loved it. I think they wanted to see us together honestly,” Chenoweth recently told PEOPLE at the taping of ABC’s Match Game .

As far as an actual Wicked reunion Chenoweth feels she and Menzel “left their mark on their roles and want to leave it there.”

However, she did dish on who would cast to play the main roles in the movie.

“For someone in their 20s, I would go for Dove Cameron [as Glinda] and Lea Michele [as Elphaba]. Someone in their 30s, I would go with Beth Behrs [as Glinda] and maybe Zooey Deschanel [as Elphaba],” Chenoweth told VH1 in May.

Even if playing a munchkin in a Wicked movie isn’t in her future, Chenoweth has a big bouffant to fill in her new role as Velma Von Tussle in NBC’s Hairspray Live!.

“I think it’s cool that NBC has been the one that has started the live musicals, and I’m going to finally get to do one,” Chenoweth told PEOPLE. “I’m scared to death. Honest, I’m just so scared. I just wanna do the part justice.”

Match Game airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on ABC, and Hairspray Live! premieres Dec. 7 on NBC.

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