Why Gal Gadot Says She Doesn't Fly on Private Jets: 'We Have to Be Conscious'

Gal Gadot tries to model sustainable behavior for her two daughters — and that includes skipping private flights

Gal Gadot prioritizes sustainability over comfort when it comes to doing press for her movies.

The Wonder Woman 1984 actress, who recently became the new face of Smartwater, tries to stay environmentally conscious when she has to fly around the world promoting her hit movies. It’s part of how she tries to model a better and healthier life for her daughters Alma, 8, and Maya, 2.

“I think that being a role model and actually doing the things and showing them how it should be done is a big thing, because then it’s being incorporated into their life,” she tells PEOPLE in the latest issue, on stands now. “So we make sure we recycle and make sure not to use plastic bags, not to travel with [private] jets when we’re doing press for movies, we make sure to give back as much as we can back to the world that we’re living in.”

Gadot, 34, says it’s all part of her constant struggle to bring good habits into her home with husband Yaron Varsano, 45, while she balances work and motherhood.

“I always try to find balance in my life and I think that being a mother and a working woman and traveling the world — it’s a struggle,” she says.

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Continues the mom of two, “But we do it in the simple things, in the small things. Like when I put my daughters to bed, I play them guided meditation apps and they’ll go to sleep. They’ll fade out like that, which is great.”

Gadot also tries to lead by example and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to model for her little ones.

“We’re all very active. My husband is active, my daughters are like firecrackers,” she says. “And we eat healthy at the house. I think that more than anything, when it comes to children, it’s about showing them how rather than talk about that. So we try to just be that as much as we can.”

Gadot herself maintains a healthy workout and wellness routine that keeps her in shape as she trains for heavy-action roles like Wonder Woman.

“My workout routine changes — it’s one thing in my day-to-day life and it’s a whole different thing when I work out for a role like Wonder Woman,” she explains.

“In my day-to-day life, I make sure to work out as much as I can, at least four times a week. I take hikes now that we’re back in L.A. and the weather’s so great, and I just enjoy being outside.”

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters June 5.

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