"They didn't even think of me as a woman," she said

By Nigel Smith
February 18, 2019 04:10 PM
Credit: MGM/Courtesy Everett Collection

Whoopi Goldberg is getting real about how she feels Hollywood perceived her when her career began to take off in the 80s.

The View host, 63, did an interview with Garage magazine to promote her new clothing line DUBGEE, where she opened up about her early days.

Acknowledging that she had a “hot bod” during her run of hit films that included Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Burglar, Goldberg said that “nobody who worked on [1987’s Fatal Beauty] saw me as sexy.”

“They didn’t even think of me as a woman,” she continued. “Because I’m black.”

In the action-comedy, Goldberg played a narcotics police officer who gets close with the bodyguard of a drug smuggler (A Star Is Born‘s Sam Elliott).

Goldberg would go on to win an Oscar for her role in 1990’s Ghost just three years later.

Elsewhere in the interview, she spoke about her approach to fashion, saying, “I just want to feel comfortable.”

“You know, I love high heels but I always wore them with socks,” she said. “And fashion is finally catching up to me. When you go to the shows, now you see girls on the runway wearing socks with heels.”

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Goldberg shared that she was inspired to create DUBGEE after being unable to find clothes that fit her while on a month-long trip to Greece.

“It made me feel bad, like my body doesn’t fit,” she said.