February 10, 2017 11:44 AM


Keanu Reeves is a seasoned pro when it comes to action movies — particularly when he’s performing the action sequences in question.

But in his new movie John Wick: Chapter 2, the actor endured rigorous training with weapons and fight choreography which left a mark on him — figuratively and literally.

“I inherit his physical feeling,” Reeves tells PEOPLE of bringing pieces of the character home with him. “Just the bumps and bruises and stuff like that, but I do feel like I have a bit of John Wick in me.”

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The actor admits that he temporarily inherits a few of Wick’s assassin habits.


“When I’m in it, when I’m training and I’m in it [during production], definitely my contact with the earth, the way I move in the world, my sensibilities, especially playing John Wick — I’m way more hypervigilant,” he says. “I just automatically scan rooms, it just happens. And because you’re doing so much judo and jiujitsu, your grip changes or like you get that feeling in your hands if you grab something, it’s like you’re in, you’ve got that [tension].”

Niko Tavernise

In the sequel to the 2014 hit, Reeves’ brooding assassin Wick finds himself forced out of retirement with a debt to repay and a bounty on his head, surrounded by new friends and foes played by Common, Orange Is the New Black‘s Ruby Rose and Reeves’ former Matrix costar Laurence Fishburne.

What’s the one thing guaranteed to entertain audiences who were fans of the first film?

“A pencil fight,” says Reeves with a smile. “Yes.”

John Wick: Chapter 2 hits theaters Friday.

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