By People Staff
Updated January 15, 2010 09:30 AM
Credit: Most Wanted Pictures; Landov; WireImage; Startraks; Shooting Star

Sony announced this week that and Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi won’t reprise their respective starring and directing roles in the next Spider-Man movie. So what other Hollywood heartthrob should play the mild-mannered Peter Parker, who turns into a crime-fighting superhero? Here are some of PEOPLE’s picks:

Zac Efron, 22, already has a cult following as leading man in High School Musical and to costar Vanessa Hudgens. In real life he loves comic books, and he’s sure to look great in a skin-tight Spidey suit

Penn Badgely, 23, has shown on Gossip Girl that he has what it takes to swing through the Big Apple. All he needs now is a super villain to defeat.

Joseph Gordon Levitt, 28, stole many hearts and nabbed a Golden Globe nomination – even if he didn’t get the girl – with his role in (500) Days of Summer. He could prove just the right mix of sweet and spicy for Spider-Man.

Canadian Justin Bieber, 15, first made a splash singing in YouTube videos and has since become a pop music heartthrob. He has the buzz to transition into film and beat the bad guys on the big screen.

Emile Hirsch, 25, has done an eclectic array of movie roles, braving the Alaskan wilderness in Into the Wild and fighting for gay rights in Milk. Since he’s already done a comic-book-style film, Speed Racer, he s ready to don Spidey s superhero suit and fight evil.