Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut features Jessica Chastain playing poker queen Molly Bloom

By Ale Russian
December 04, 2017 11:32 AM

Aaron Sorkin‘s directorial debut features one badass lady playing a poker queen.

In Molly’s Game, the famed writer takes on the real-life story of Molly Bloom — a hopeful Olympian who ended up running the most exclusive poker game in America, and got into some trouble with the government in the process. With Jessica Chastain playing Bloom, the first-time director wanted to do something different with his thriller.

“This story is about someone who does the right thing when they could’ve gotten so much money, when they could’ve gotten so much fame, when they could’ve gotten out of trouble,” Sorkin says in featurette, exclusive to PEOPLE. “You wouldn’t expect a poker movie to be uplifting but this one is. Jessica is sensational. I wanted her from as soon as I was done writing page one.”

Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba in Molly’s Game
| Credit: Michael Gibson/STX

In the featurette, Chastain explains that the Colorado native wanted to be an Olympic skier when a fluke accident derailed her career. Bloom then decided to move to L.A. where she ended up running the A-list poker game coveted by celebrities, athletes and politicians.

“Everyone wanted to get invited to this game and Molly controlled the whole thing,” Chastain says. “I think it’s an incredible journey. The excitement of this other world that most of us don’t know.”

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Molly Bloom
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Bloom herself is featured in the video, explaining that she “knew nothing about poker” but realized that it was a “massive opportunity” for her.

“This is a story about going for it and succeeding in a man’s world,” she says.

Molly’s Game hits theaters Dec. 25.